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  • 47w ago sethjm521 sethjm521

    Bet they wouldnt have helped if we lost😂😂

  • 47w ago joebad1 joebad1

    Buffalo and surrounding towns and our Football Team perform All As One! This separates many of the other NFL Teams and Cities! Here in Buffalo win, lose or tie we are ALL ONE! We climb the mountain together and leave nobody behind!That is why I am proud of the people and our team!

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  • 47w ago sherrie_robins sherrie_robins

    That's Western New York for you!

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  • 47w ago elcompai72 elcompai72

    See that’s how we do it,City of neighbors👍🏼👍🏼

  • 47w ago collmcn collmcn

    Bills fans can be wild, crazy, and diehard fans, but still be ready to help their neighbors too! Go Bills (fans)!!! 😃

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