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I am so spoiled by last year. I’m starting to feel the holiday spirit and the winter cravings for powder are coming on strong. Hopefully we will get some storm action before the New Year so we can romp around in the cold and take more snow pics.
From last year’s big-ol-storm in Mammoth. ••• Mammoth Lakes, Ca
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  • 52w ago sal52112 sal52112

    If only....

  • 52w ago indigoverse indigoverse

    Jan, this is a badass photo man!👍🏼 Quick question, do you run A/T’s or M/T’s for snow condition and do you sipe your tires when you do?

  • 52w ago 395north 395north

    @indigoverse Thanks! I used to run M/Ts...but now I only run the KO2 for everything because it’s such a good all around tire. Great in snow and ice. The only thing I run the KM on is the land cruiser because it has tons of power to spin them in the dunes.

  • 52w ago bushraptor bushraptor

    @395north Kool! Bear and I will be there thru next Wednesday...

  • 52w ago 395north 395north

    @indigoverse For super super deep snow you just need tons of power and flotation, and maybe paddles like an MT, similar to sand. But most real MTs are horrible on ice. Also over a foot of snow, depending on how it’s packed, you need speed and it’s a pain if you get stuck. Most people just take it slow and sort of snowplow until they hit the limit of their axle height

  • 52w ago joshuacrippsphotography joshuacrippsphotography

    It was 50+ deg on the mountain today. :/

  • 52w ago bsblindauer bsblindauer

    This photo is amazing. One of my all time favorites from you.

  • 52w ago 395north 395north

    @joshuacrippsphotography Yeah. I doubt anything is happening until January.

  • 52w ago these_coordinates these_coordinates

    We thought about heading to Mammoth and doing some snowshoeing during New Year but it seems like snowshoes may not be necessary.

  • 52w ago 63mph 63mph

    Such an awesome shot

  • 52w ago 63mph 63mph

    Such an awesome shot

  • 52w ago 63mph 63mph

    Such an awesome shot

  • 52w ago 395north 395north

    @63mph Thanks!! It could be cooler with a Syncro😬

  • 52w ago 395north 395north

    @bsblindauer Thanks!🙏

  • 52w ago fotornr fotornr

    Such a rad shot man!!!

  • 52w ago elcamino_man_t elcamino_man_t

    Really was hoping for something by Christmas for our trip to June but it's not looking very good 😐

  • 52w ago

    Thummmbbbss upppppp

  • 52w ago

    Don’t look very stuck tho @395north

  • 52w ago dehacaballo dehacaballo

    @these_coordinates was just up there...definitely not necessary lol

  • 52w ago rorothemonkeyboy rorothemonkeyboy

    I keep telling myself to be patient. Last year it really didn’t start dumping until January. 😰🙏🏻

  • 52w ago indigoverse indigoverse

    @395north Awesome! I’ve been sporting Nitto Trail Grappler M/T’s since 2014. They rock in the snow and ice when they are 3-5 months new, but after that, they make mi rig slip and slide. I may have to try out something different, perhaps a round of KO2’s this time. I just wonder if the weight of my rig will undermine they’re performance. I’m rolling at about 7,700 lbs.🤔

  • 52w ago socal_stills socal_stills

    @_jim_bob are you staying for night of lights?

  • 52w ago tkruger7 tkruger7

    We need some snow soon!!!

  • 52w ago _jim_bob _jim_bob

    @socal_stills nope I wish!

  • 52w ago cartermurphyphoto cartermurphyphoto

    sure hope so! Been a dud so far 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • 52w ago wildsagetoo wildsagetoo

    It was 70 in the Valley today!

  • 52w ago 395north 395north

    @wildsagetoo Any mosquitos?😬

  • 52w ago 395north 395north

    @rorothemonkeyboy Yup. I have no patience😬

  • 52w ago 395north 395north Ha! Because you aren’t here

  • 52w ago 395north 395north

    @elcamino_man_t You never know. But you are right, probably after new years.

  • 52w ago 395north 395north

    @fotornr thanks✌️

  • 52w ago tinaangelotti tinaangelotti


  • 52w ago petrolsexual petrolsexual

    Awesome shot dude, seriously

  • 52w ago outworldhq outworldhq

    Where's that snow at?!

  • 52w ago jeepingnation jeepingnation

    Place ?

  • 51w ago manolostories manolostories

    Very nice gallery, keep it up!

  • 51w ago _ayurvedagirl_ _ayurvedagirl_


  • 50w ago nexgenraptor nexgenraptor

    Hoping the same dude. Itching for it. The storms last year were EPIC!

  • 50w ago whitney_white_ whitney_white_


  • 38w ago thesunsedge thesunsedge

    Great shot

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