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From now on, I am going to be making & selling character designs once a week to raise money for my local wolf conservation. This will not be for personal gain, it is part of my Duke of Edinburgh’s award which involves volunteering (which is the part I am doing here) so, to make this work, I would really appreciate opinions on what kind of designs and traits you all look for in a character. This can be things like species, colours and themes! If you have any suggestions please comment them below, but DMs are also appreciated if you have multiple ideas.


  • 22w ago the.falling.god the.falling.god

    No tail, butt fluff, grey/black/blue

  • 22w ago monster_coyote monster_coyote

    Maybe forest themed animals

  • 22w ago monster_coyote monster_coyote

    Like browns and greens

  • 22w ago mopsypup mopsypup

    Steampunk, neon or pastels, plushies, lots of unique accessories, scene, decora, Lolita, kawaii, Pokemon, video games

  • 22w ago kira.idkk kira.idkk

    Maybe more natural designs?

  • 22w ago quag.sie quag.sie

    Personally, I love unique species, so pretty much anything besides wolves, dogs, cats and dutchies! Also I believe that natural colours (with maybe a little bit of unnatural colours, but not too much!) Are always the best. But also some unusual hybrids would probably be super nice, like alligator dogs or ottercats or anything you can think of! 😁

  • 22w ago general.rubbish general.rubbish

    Something strange, like random patches of fur, gangly limbs, crazed expressions to anything that's just really frickin cute

  • 22w ago cynical.canine cynical.canine

    Nateral colors but unnatural patterns any species

  • 22w ago maufrappez maufrappez

    Maybe vocaloid inspired

  • 22w ago missing_jay missing_jay

    I like poses that show the personality of the character. Darker pallets but not the boring black&red. Accessories. Unique designs that aren't boring or too busy

  • 22w ago otteeeer otteeeer

    Cough cough you can do police cadets cough cough join police cadets if you live in London cough cough south London

  • 22w ago _little_miss__artist__ _little_miss__artist__

    Fff if it's paypal then I can't help :/ but I would love to see some creepy designs! :D the highest my mom told me that I was allowed to spend was 5€ :// but eh we'll see

  • 22w ago _little_miss__artist__ _little_miss__artist__

    Could I send the money through irl mail? I would pay for shipping.

  • 22w ago _little_miss__artist__ _little_miss__artist__

    Cause I really wanna support this somehow

  • 22w ago amethyst_blueberry amethyst_blueberry

    I definitely think uncommon species would be popular! A red panda would be cool!

  • 22w ago slushkies slushkies

    @_little_miss__youtube__ as much as I really appreciate you want to help, I can only accept GBP (£) through the mail?

  • 22w ago _little_miss__artist__ _little_miss__artist__

    @slushkies oh!! I can see if I can change currency, thanks!

  • 22w ago gummydogz gummydogz


  • 22w ago gummydogz gummydogz

    Emo doggies

  • 21w ago renrren_ renrren_

    That is wonderful! You're doing such a lovely thing, in fact, I'm inspired to raise money for my local Fox and Dingo rescue. Looking forward ro seeing the designs you release!

  • 20w ago rvttcn rvttcn

    Maybe try some other species of animals like reptiles, ocean creatures, that kind of thing!

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