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Waking up with lush dewy skin is easy 🌹 @heritagestorelegacy Rose Petals Rosewater + @aerin Rose Night Table Cream 🌹 tip: refresh your face throughout the day with a spritz of Rose Petals Rosewater 🌹 I enhance my skin after applying makeup using Rose Night Table Cream as a highlight 🌹 #dewyskin #rosycheeks #rosecream #rosepetals #rosewater #aerin #heritagestore #wakeupandmakeup #dryskin #dehydratedskin 🌹 ps check out the blog for a review of the AERIN Rose Night Table Cream 🌹


  • 34w ago charmingmedia charmingmedia

    Ohhh must try!

  • 34w ago dalybeauty dalybeauty

    @charmingmedia the AERIN Rose Cream adds a dewy natural glow instantly & keeps skin moisturized as well 💕

  • 34w ago sierrawonderstar sierrawonderstar

    Where can we purchase?

  • 34w ago dalybeauty dalybeauty

    @sierrawonderstar check @aerin’s website or counter for the Rose Cream & I get my Heritage Rose Water at Whole Foods 🌹

  • 34w ago ddgladiva ddgladiva

    I use that rose water almost every day😍😍

  • 34w ago dalybeauty dalybeauty

    @ddgladiva Same! I love to use it head to toe after moisturising. I think that’s why I love Jo Malone Red Roses. Smells so similar - clean & pretty 🌹

  • 34w ago heritagestorelegacy heritagestorelegacy

    Thanks for the rosewater love! You might also like the Rosewater Night Cream from heritagestorylegacy 5% niacinamide plus HA and NaPCA and our famous rose essence.

  • 34w ago dalybeauty dalybeauty

    @heritagestorelegacy I’ve always got multiple bottles of Rose Petals in my house 🌹❤️🌹


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