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Instagram post by @andrewismusic ANDREW HUANG

Momma mic and baby mic.πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§
Giving away an SM7B and TEN (!) MV88’s, plus a ton of other gear! More info at the link in my bio πŸ‘‰ @andrewismusic
Mega thanks to @Shure!!
#shure #mic #microphone #recording #proaudio #sm7b #mv88 #giveaway


  • 10w ago ideadoug ideadoug

    Gimme gimme πŸŽ€πŸ•΅πŸ½πŸ’πŸΌ

  • 10w ago don_waldorfo don_waldorfo

    How do we know when the giveaway is over and who won?

  • 10w ago sanjo.san sanjo.san

    "Im not a baby anymoreee, stop calling me like that mooom"

  • 10w ago loewe1000 loewe1000

    Which preamp do you use for your SM7B? Cloudlifter? πŸ€” Or don’t you use any preamp between the Twin Interface and the Mic?

  • 10w ago officialcqz officialcqz

    Daddy Mic, doo doo doo doo.

  • 10w ago lukebass1000 lukebass1000

    Killer! It does suck a lil bit that I can't get all 5 entries because I can't get a Spotify account in South Africa but meh

  • 10w ago gogo_magnus gogo_magnus

    Are you gay?

  • 10w ago chri5xneon chri5xneon

    mini mic cool !

  • 10w ago lordunnamed lordunnamed

    Oh it SHURE is a MICROphone

  • 10w ago _finn_dc _finn_dc

    @gogo_magnus firstly why does it matter and secondly he has a wife.

  • 10w ago io.dellamorte io.dellamorte


  • 10w ago nelsonfisher nelsonfisher

    oh man this is exactly the mike ive been trying to get my hands on but its so damn expensive here in Italy

  • 10w ago umj19 umj19

    I tried for half an hour but still couldn't get it to work:(

  • 10w ago gogo_magnus gogo_magnus

    @_finn_dc firstly it's just a question and secondly thank you for letting me know. I just thought so because he wears nail polish. Thx

  • 10w ago adampresleykings adampresleykings

    So excited! I hope I win!

  • 10w ago benny_slamb benny_slamb

    Anyone know how the sound quality is on that small mic? I need a new one, I might buy one

  • 10w ago thatonekidnamedgabe thatonekidnamedgabe


  • 10w ago joemobymorris joemobymorris

    Ooo yes

  • 10w ago vagrantaim vagrantaim

    SM7B is a Mic that odds so good at picking up the richness of the lower tones. I am very excited about this one!

  • 10w ago cameron_haines_spam cameron_haines_spam

    shure thing!

  • 10w ago jackmandel_ jackmandel_

    PLEEEEEASE <3 <3 <3

  • 10w ago unidrw unidrw


  • 10w ago shay_rowdy shay_rowdy


  • 10w ago iamsoller iamsoller


  • 10w ago cojbran cojbran

    Shure has great microphones, I used them for live gigs, phenomenal sound.

  • 10w ago _finn_dc _finn_dc

    @gogo_magnus no problem

  • 10w ago pukklemaster pukklemaster

    omg it's so tiny what

  • 10w ago bigbirdwill bigbirdwill

    i need it.

  • 10w ago eli_s_holland eli_s_holland

    I want

  • 10w ago _alex.f.privs _alex.f.privs

    I want the sm7B i am currenttly ising a cheap lapel moc to record

  • 10w ago aldipic69 aldipic69

    Wow! Interesting!

  • 10w ago sin_thita sin_thita

    Buddy! I seriously need the camera. Coz I have a YouTube channel. But my viedo quality is shit. I sure a Android.. Can't even afford a iPhone.. I guess u can hook me up with that camera?...... P. S. Love you viedo.

  • 10w ago elemental_mind elemental_mind

    Issa lil baby

  • 10w ago livingdeadbeat9 livingdeadbeat9

    I LOVE my SM7 especially for recording in less than optimal environments/bedrooms! What's that MV88 like? Is it similar to Shure's beta 98?

  • 10w ago thedrealzview thedrealzview

    Man my podcasts would be to crisp with these

  • 10w ago fallen_goats fallen_goats

    I shure do want that for christmas

  • 10w ago evlikespizza evlikespizza


  • 10w ago t_mitchell_0921 t_mitchell_0921


  • 9w ago joshuasmilde joshuasmilde

    Amazing !

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