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10 veg + fruit // don't know about you but getting in the [updated] recommended 10 veg + fruit a day isn't always easy unless I consciously load up on veg at each meal. .
I trained with @happyyouhappybody y'day and we were comparing notes on how we get as close as poss to our 10 a day.

What I recommend to my clients is to aim for these proportions:
🌱 fill 1/2 your plate with colourful veg. I went for courgettes and mushrooms cooked in a little coconut oil with turmeric too for added anti-oxidant oomph
🌱 fill around 1/4 of your plate with protein. I had hummus sprinkled with paprika (for no reason other than I love the colour) plus a few sunflower seeds
🌱 then a 1/4 of your plate filled with slow release carbs like sweet potato, quinoa or brown rice - altho I didn't feel the need today so bumped up the colour and gut-loving goodness with some @bottlebrushferments sauerkraut 💜

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