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Here’s Jazzwise magazine making fun of me for being born disabled. Kinda used to ignorant anon comments but a magazine?


  • 40w ago polaroid_dreamer polaroid_dreamer

    Woah WHAT! 🤬🤬🤬

  • 40w ago prettybrokenspiral prettybrokenspiral

    What tf is Jazzwise?

  • 40w ago leelahp leelahp


  • 40w ago petrichor.memoir petrichor.memoir

    I never knew, and it makes no difference. Stay true.

  • 40w ago centralamericannightmare centralamericannightmare

    Motherfuck them. Thank You for the songs and memories.

  • 40w ago la_muymuy la_muymuy

    Utterly disgusted, fuck them! They are gonna hear from me 😠

  • 40w ago fortifyv fortifyv

    We met 15 years ago and had a lengthy conversation, I didn’t even notice. Some years later someone pointed that out...I had no idea. It does not define who you are and it never will.

  • 40w ago katie_periwinkle katie_periwinkle

    I honestly don't know what jazzwise is, and I think that speaks for itself...🖤🌻

  • 40w ago thedannydarko thedannydarko

    You’re an inspiration to me and my music 💀xx

  • 40w ago texasmike texasmike

    Trash AF

  • 40w ago mynameismaura mynameismaura

    How ignorant some people are! Fuck them 🤬

  • 40w ago williamxboring williamxboring

    Whoever wrote that is straight trash.

  • 40w ago cultureculprit cultureculprit

    Fuck that!

  • 40w ago luciuscissorhands luciuscissorhands

    Dude. Horrible.

  • 40w ago weddingcake2007 weddingcake2007

    Death to snakes 💀

  • 40w ago northerntransmissions northerntransmissions

    I need paper for the litter box, oh wait, I would never do that to my cat.

  • 40w ago crmcflwrs crmcflwrs

    What an absolute bottom feeder. You inspire people not just with beautiful poetry but also with your honestly and positivity through all the grit and bad times. Don't let the fuckers get you down ❤

  • 40w ago s_ragon s_ragon

    It's amazing. When they got rid of anonymous commenters on Brooklyn Vegan I thought that we were done with that level of online sadism directed towards people who wanted nothing more than to express themselves creatively (I'll never forget the time an anonymous commenter tried to dox my wife in an article about my band). Who would have thought that in a few short years time, it would be what passes for actual journalism???

  • 40w ago battleforthesunxvx battleforthesunxvx

    What even is jazzwise? This is disgusting. Some people are such cowards. Fuck them. You inspire people so much. You are who you are and that’s good. Don’t let them get you down.

  • 40w ago dclaynightknife dclaynightknife

    damn Tony hawk

  • 40w ago erikbutler erikbutler

    Remember brian moss? I egged his house and bleached his lawn 15 years ago for talking shit. I got you

  • 40w ago killerofsnakes killerofsnakes

    Hope he gets fired, so unprofessional. Not to mention downright rude and nasty.

  • 40w ago sae_lacroix sae_lacroix

    Viva Love

  • 40w ago ingirumimus ingirumimus

    Here’s what my friend said to this: ”I hadn’t even noticed, I guess was looking at his butt all the time“

  • 40w ago andrewroehrich andrewroehrich

    Seriously, what an asshole.

  • 40w ago robfitzgerald robfitzgerald

    @tonyhawk what do you mean by that?

  • 40w ago vvloveland vvloveland

    The guy with no I was going to try to be clever but what the actual fuck.. who says that shit

  • 40w ago chonchitto chonchitto

    He might have all his limbs but it gives him no sense of respect, integrity, smarts, or talent.

  • 40w ago lysarhean lysarhean

    Fuck that.

  • 40w ago joshpacelli joshpacelli

    Just another edgy asshole

  • 40w ago zachmerck zachmerck


  • 40w ago moganb moganb

    Tasteless, vulgar, ignorant, lazy, stupid.

  • 40w ago stevevvest stevevvest

    No cure for fools. Viva love, Wes.

  • 40w ago killedbysue killedbysue

    This person has a biggest disability,his lack of brain. You are and amazing musician and performer. One of the highlights of my year was your show at Cloak and Dagger 🌹

  • 40w ago kween_of_swords kween_of_swords

    Wow, what a dick!

  • 40w ago trumienk.a trumienk.a

    UNCOOL 🔥😡🔥

  • 40w ago rexpistols rexpistols

    What the actual fuck 😳🤬

  • 39w ago __.symmetry.__ __.symmetry.__

    People are poison.

  • 35w ago sooisnt sooisnt

    Is this some kind of joke?? I don’t see any prosthetics in any photos so am confused ☹️no rudeness intended, just curious as someone who is constantly judged.


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