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Instagram post by @pamelageller Pamela Geller

WTH?? They removed Milo‘s vidclip promoting my book event at the Metropolitan Republican club. Like I said WTH?


  • 11w ago kilroywilliam kilroywilliam

    ridiculous! complain!

  • 11w ago stephen_dennis_cole stephen_dennis_cole

    Yesterday I reported someone who had a clip of a baby goat falling off an overpass. apparently it doesn't violate instagram policy.

  • 11w ago dharwoodd dharwoodd

    You know why!

  • 11w ago teresa.sellers teresa.sellers

    @pamelageller Is there any way you can forward a promo to all of us that have commented? We can all post and ask friends to post. Can also post on twitter since most of us probably have accounts in both places.

  • 11w ago cyndar8 cyndar8

    #we support you anyway @pamelageller

  • 11w ago predispor100 predispor100

    all social media are an pro-left-wing-neighborhood-islam

  • 11w ago predispor100 predispor100

    ok send me the promo by email: predispor@gmail.com

  • 11w ago nissimyaron nissimyaron

    You already know why. Instagram is also Fake News! Left/Liberal instrument!

  • 11w ago pattipd13 pattipd13

    Not right instagram!! Free speech!!

  • 11w ago tippiflower.datkat tippiflower.datkat

    Fuck off i

  • 11w ago tippiflower.datkat tippiflower.datkat

    How dare they????

  • 11w ago tippiflower.datkat tippiflower.datkat

    Instagram need to get real

  • 11w ago puntanito puntanito

    Free Speech? No en Instagramlandia.

  • 11w ago kirsten_abom kirsten_abom


  • 11w ago beatriceorrenvade beatriceorrenvade

    @lorenadellantonevitt It’s the same in Sweden 🇸🇪, the leftists, the government, feminists... are insane!

  • 11w ago beatriceorrenvade beatriceorrenvade

    Lucky you have Trump, in my country Sweden 🇸🇪 the situation is terrible. Our government and media- tv and newspapers, FB try to shut us down and they also give us fake news.

  • 11w ago ourstonerhouse ourstonerhouse


  • 11w ago yayaproud yayaproud

    We all know how this works, what they do, who’s asses they kiss and the greed and pc pressure they feed on. Bitching about it changes nothing. Why don’t all of us let them have their little social networks (control mechanisms) and create our own. Enough is enough. Frankly FB and the others aren’t all their cracked up to be and not enjoyable to deal with. I know the majority of people on just this thread alone agree with me. This evil has been seeping into not just our country but globally. We just didn’t pay attention until Obama made it obvious. What’s the solution? History tends to repeat itself when forgotten and our young quit being taught in schools, certainly not at many homes when crack was prevalent, and now we’re dealing with adult crack babies, children who were given Ritalin, and second generation of these adults. I’m thinking these drug babies,etc. suffered more lasting effects than experts knew about. And we all pay. These liberals act brain damaged; I’m thinking many, many of them are.

  • 11w ago woojimmzartz woojimmzartz

    This says more than anything and I don't like what FB/IG is saying. Cucks.

  • 11w ago dixiedancer dixiedancer


  • 11w ago lorenadellantonevitt lorenadellantonevitt

    @beatriceorrenvade I had written something a few minutes ago, but they said it couldn't be published. It was about the way we've been treated by the Left in Italy. I know you know exactly what I mean. Censorship is always there to block us...

  • 11w ago ginoww ginoww

    You’re the devil?

  • 11w ago rocklin_dad rocklin_dad


  • 10w ago its_ewe_organic_west_australia its_ewe_organic_west_australia

    Seems rather totalitarian on their part

  • 10w ago mashiga mashiga


  • 10w ago beatriceorrenvade beatriceorrenvade

    @lorenadellantonevitt Yes, I know, the situation getting worse...

  • 10w ago aslanjill aslanjill

    A lot of folk have been.sent to Farcebook goal in the past few days....

  • 10w ago kassim610 kassim610

    Typical libocrite

  • 10w ago tomnashiii tomnashiii


  • 10w ago johnharrell55 johnharrell55

    So much for free speach

  • 10w ago gaylonb33 gaylonb33


  • 10w ago smolle_trading_mart smolle_trading_mart

    Not on

  • 10w ago a.stelmach_sk8fr a.stelmach_sk8fr

    freedom of speech in social media... :/

  • 10w ago bmactobin bmactobin

    So much for free speech

  • 10w ago sean.baudler sean.baudler

    @pamelageller more censorship by the left?

  • 10w ago jathomasslp1 jathomasslp1

    Who Instagram?? Big Brother is watching you. Freaky!!

  • 10w ago ptsyrett ptsyrett


  • 10w ago bender.bobby bender.bobby


  • 10w ago cabin3x7 cabin3x7

    whatever it was from Pamela, they want to hide her Truth!!

  • 9w ago uryweiss uryweiss


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