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My little blondies, dressed head-to-toe in @mangokids #mangokids


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  • 48w ago wifetolife wifetolife

    😍I have to ask: do you too have to take a lot of shit for letting your boy have long hair?

  • 48w ago elvintage elvintage

    So cute.

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  • 48w ago ettika ettika

    Major babe ❤️❤️❤️

  • 48w ago bleubird bleubird

    @wifetolife he loves his long hair! ❤️

  • 48w ago wifetolife wifetolife

    @bleubird I wasn’t questioning that at all:) it‘s beautiful! I was just wondering if you ever have encounters with people who feel the need to share their opinion on boys with long hair? And if so, do you have a good comeback? There are days where I‘m just completely annoyed by people asking me why my son has long hair and if it‘s because I don’t want to cut it.

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    I cannot BELIEVE how big they are 😍

  • 48w ago abigailewill abigailewill

    Love his hair!!!!

  • 48w ago bleubird bleubird

    @wifetolife not really. Sometimes people will comment on how cute my “girls” are and are quick to apologize when I tell them Sailor is a boy. No one really questions his long hair anymore, though. They did more when he was younger.

  • 48w ago wifetolife wifetolife

    @bleubird so either it will hopefully die down or we‘ll have to move to Nashville;)

  • 48w ago wifetolife wifetolife

    @bleubird we have to deal with „what? That‘s a boy? Really? But he looks like a girl! Seriously? That‘s a boy?!“ on a daily basis🙈

  • 48w ago growingziggy growingziggy

    My son is 2 and has similar hair to your son’s that we are growing out! What products do you use on him?

  • 48w ago rachelsuperpower rachelsuperpower

    @wifetolife i’m travelling in greece and every day someone thinks our mr7, who dresses like a skater, is a girl.

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    Don’t ever cut his hair! It’s unreal! 😍

  • 48w ago brittany.m.downey brittany.m.downey

    Sailor's hair is so badass, Im never cutting my youngest boys blonde curls 👐

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    @bleubird 👐🏼 Really happy to discover your universe | You’re typically a miasun babe♥️ Check our account | we gonna start a Kickstarter 1st of March ✨🇺🇸 for the US !! Take care. xx👐🏼

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