Instagram post by @eliseboland e l i s e b o l a n d

i used to look up to my mentors, healers and those who inspired me most and thought that they were super human.
i thought they were made of steal and had everything figured out.
i used to aspire to be just like that.
i thought that i hadn’t succeeded in life until i transcended my body, thoughts and emotions...
that i wasn’t good enough until i’d reached such a state.
now i’ve come to realise that i had it completely backwards.
i feel so inspired by them because they embrace all aspects of themselves.
they have good and bad days, they have disagreements, they face obstacles, they play, they laugh, they cry and they experience fear...
but their goal is not perfection, it’s growth.
they follow the voice within rather than without which leads them to live a life of purpose and fulfillment...
not because they have transcended their human problems but because in embracing their humanness and their divineness, they can connect deeply and inspire growth.
this is my new aspiration.


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