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32w ago

You’re more than I could have ever imagined. ❤️✨ // @playwithintention #raisingleonardo


  • 32w ago hellemrestrepo hellemrestrepo

    Divino es amor

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  • 32w ago truth_comes_out_always truth_comes_out_always

    @yeidi I just seen your story. Unfortunately people take kindness for weakness. It’s nice that you want to help others, but have limits. Never risk your own safety. No one needs to come in unless you ask them to. That was a huge red flag to me. You have kids! You are not being paranoid. You don’t owe anyone help. It’s nice if you do help within limits. People do get robbed and even worse than that.

  • 32w ago yeidi yeidi

    @truth_comes_out_always exactly! We thought it was weird that she didn’t continue after we said no! So strange

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