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please excuse the terrible filming (filming whilst being on someone’s dancing shoulders is a good time but its a challenge lol) this post is made up of a few videos of Lorde from one of the best summer festivals I’ve ever had the chance of going to. I’ll most likely be posting quite a bit from Osheaga because wowza the amount of dope artists that performed was incredible. Anyways, the very first night of Osheaga was headlined by Lorde and I was ecstatic to see her as I’m lucky to have grown up with her music. Her debut album “Pure Heroin” is an album I adore and have enjoyed playing since it first came out, and was actually something I really continued to grow to love more and more as time went on. It’s an album I always come back to and never get tired of. The intelligence and thought put into Lorde’s lyrics in “Pure Heroin” and “Melodrama”-which I believe is most definitely one of the greatest albums of the year- paints canvases of relatable, both beautiful and hard, coming of age moments or feelings. To help illustrate the depth behind all her work I can use one of my very favourite songs of hers. “400 lux”, is a smooth, slow burning song that I can’t help but physically get chills or feel something for whenever I hear it. The thoughtfulness of it, and all Lorde’s work, can be seen through a Genius study of the song which explains how “A lux is a measurement for light and illumination, and a sunrise or sunset is about 400 luxs. The sunny ambience and the lyrics about driving match this tone.” Listening to her songs and being able to feel how relatable it is to my life, further reading about the meaning behind her smooth words and being blown away by not only the surface sounds but the depths of her music’s wholeness, and then finally seeing her live has been such a crazy amazing experience I’m glad was and always will be a part of the soundtrack of my youth. I have to also mention that as a live performer, she doesn’t just sound incredible but her interaction with the audience, how she moves so mesmerizingly and naturally to her music, and the way she claims the stage and projects energy is astounding. Excited to see all that she’ll continue to create🤗❤

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