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Been super happy with these @tegraarms carbon polymer lowers. A few rifles built so far! #igmilitia #ar15 #firearm #firearms #rifle #rifles #tegraarms #carbonfiber #2a #47images


  • 52w ago a_r_c_h_haynie a_r_c_h_haynie

    I did a polymer build like 6 years ago. Everyone thought I was retarded.

  • 52w ago 47images 47images

    @zilla51 I think they've come a long way. Just like pistols.

  • 52w ago a_r_c_h_haynie a_r_c_h_haynie

    @47images yup I agree. You'll make it tasty I'm sure!

  • 37w ago bad_lighting bad_lighting

    Round count without a failure? Do any impact testing? Every poly lower I've seen has broken at the back at the buffer tube transition.

  • 37w ago 47images 47images

    @bad_lighting no impact testing but thousands on the ones built out. I think they've had an occasional failure, I recall seeing a picture of one damaged. I believe they warranty them for life though.

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