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After Special Vote Count, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández Garners #MostVotes

#TEGUCIGALPA, #Honduras, Dec. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the Honduran Supreme Electoral Tribunal's final count of the ballots in the country's November 26 #presidentialelection, Honduran President #JuanOrlandoHernández garnered more votes than any other candidate. The Tribunal will announce an official winner following an "objection period," required by #Honduranlaw, during which political parties will be allowed to challenge the results.

The #HonduranGovernment is welcoming recommendations from international electoral observers from the Organization of the American States and the #EuropeanUnion.

The Supreme Electoral #Tribunal's final results, published Monday, show that President Hernández, the #NationalParty's candidate, garnered 42.98% of the vote. His closest opponent, #LibreAlliance candidate Salvador Nasralla, received 41.38%. In the Honduran National Congress, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal's results show that National Party candidates won 61 of 128 total seats, or 47.66% of the vote. The Libre Alliance and the Liberal Party garnered 23.44% and 20.31% of the vote, respectively. "Today we have seen extraordinary things, members of civil #societymobilized immediately in answer to our call, today we as a country have won," said #DavidMatamoros, President of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, or TSE, on Monday. "Now all that remains is the objection period, but we are proud of this process." #TSEofficials announced the presidential race results after they finished conducting a special count of 1,006 #ballotboxes by hand around 5 a.m. Monday morning. This manual count of ballots that showed "inconsistencies" took place before observers from the Organization of #AmericanStates and the European Union, as well as the media. Representatives from the National Party and the Libre Alliance were not present.

Matamoros thanked the domestic and international observers who oversaw the #ballotcounting.

In an official statement, the #USembassy in Honduras said, "We are pleased Honduran election authorities completed the special scrutiny process in a way that maximizes.

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