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Instagram post by @danelljleyva Danell J Leyva

Caption this, what are we thinking? 🤔😂


  • 1w ago jwall2189 jwall2189

    “We miss our FAVORITE wardrobe supervisor!!!”

  • 1w ago corpjock corpjock

    Wow, this UHDTV image really is lifelike!! 🤓

  • 1w ago janiysteve janiysteve

    "Do you think Pelucho killed the girl in la telenovela??"

  • 1w ago andrealopez711 andrealopez711

    I need to shoot a gun and jump off a building???!!!! Whaaaaaat #craycray

  • 1w ago cmarte333 cmarte333

    Surprise about what you both are seeing 🌞

  • 1w ago rmarrone287 rmarrone287

    That is an awesome photo of you guys

  • 1w ago guiomarbentron guiomarbentron


  • 1w ago alopeze_60 alopeze_60

    Sexo.... Los hombres solo pensamos en sexo @danelljleyva

  • 1w ago el_bracho_ el_bracho_

    "Coño, they banned the Russians???"

  • 1w ago moskito_nvk moskito_nvk

    *Las empanadas! 🙊🙈😆

  • 1w ago intomac intomac

    Whaaaaaaat? Russia’s out!?!?!? Good ! 👏🏼👏🏼

  • 1w ago edelissee edelissee

    Bellos y sencillos @danelljleyva

  • 1w ago m.a.d.y.z m.a.d.y.z


  • 1w ago rubenchameleon rubenchameleon

    When that one person farted so bad u dying!!!!

  • 1w ago amazingkid54 amazingkid54

    Is that a goat? 🐐

  • 1w ago ysiadmars ysiadmars

    This is a novela scene. Laurie is playing your sister. And she just walked into you telling you dad “¡ya es tiempo que ella sepa que es adoptada!” And that is her reaction. And you’re left speechless.

  • 1w ago ysiadmars ysiadmars

    You two could really be good at novelas. Piénsalo.

  • 1w ago bxnewyorican84 bxnewyorican84

    HOW many backflips!?!?!

  • 1w ago emmahohan emmahohan

    This is acquired.

  • 1w ago jessica.rf96 jessica.rf96

    When they tell you that someone ate the last slice of pizza 🍕

  • 1w ago nene112363 nene112363

    Qué, qué??? Que tengo que cambiar de tango pa’ rumba!!!!!!! Jajajaaa

  • 1w ago juansito1 juansito1

    what food place can deliver the fastest

  • 1w ago barrellz97 barrellz97

    This looks like an episode of La Rosa de Guadalupe and I'm here for it

  • 1w ago nkuebler2002 nkuebler2002

    When u see someone hit a super clean + difficult routine and ur turns find a way to top them

  • 1w ago brendaltamirano_duran brendaltamirano_duran

    @danelljleyva and @lauriehernandez_ you guys are so cool I wish I could meet you. You seem pretty chill. 😎😍

  • 1w ago gentlemanstudy_ gentlemanstudy_

    ....When your friend’s getting la chancla’d in front of you.

  • 1w ago mencho21 mencho21

    Estan pensando: "Waooo será que podemos hacer esas marometas???" Ajajajajaaa @danelljleyva

  • 1w ago ariasyraida ariasyraida

    Felicidades eres un campeón fuiste el ganador aunque no te lo dieron pero tienes un gran futuro eres un triunfador.

  • 1w ago dr.kbass dr.kbass

    When you're exhausted from your workout and Coach says "Ok, warm up is over"

  • 1w ago thewinjo thewinjo

    Tokyo 2020?

  • 1w ago edu200o edu200o

    Cuando se acaba el lechon

  • 1w ago gabrielsamurganoff gabrielsamurganoff

    What is the else place to make out @danelljleyva (hope that’s not the sister)

  • 1w ago vic_rivera20 vic_rivera20

    When you see your white friend yell at their parents

  • 1w ago kasia.oski kasia.oski

    Omg that cupcake looks so good

  • 1w ago tnklbn tnklbn

    What? What do you mean we have a meet tomorrow!?!😮

  • 1w ago dr_moises_irizarry dr_moises_irizarry

    “Wow, Danell, his muscles are much bigger than yours!!”

  • 1w ago oeste50 oeste50

    Ese fue quien ganó mira quien baila no fue dayanara lo que pasa siempre con la jente no botan por el talento dayanara perdió y lo sabe ....

  • 1w ago iseezdamoment iseezdamoment

    I'm just thinking how adorable you are.

  • 4d ago alietenb09 alietenb09

    “You are right! A burger from Five Guys sounds good right about now!” 🍔😆

  • 4d ago savvanaa.b_13 savvanaa.b_13


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