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20w ago

Another day, another craft to countdown the days until Christmas. This little gentle boy of mine is the sweetest thing. Do you know that he asks me how my day went everyday? Today, he said “Mom, do you remember when I was a little baby and it was just the two of us doing these? I can’t wait to do these with Felicity, you and daddy now” my heart ❤️✨😩 #22craftstillchristmas || @playwithintention to see more of our crafts #raisingleonardo


  • 20w ago saschalee13 saschalee13

    Omg 😭❤️

  • 20w ago chronicles_of_lele chronicles_of_lele

    I love when you post this kind of stuff. Makes my heart swell 💗😢

  • 20w ago marjorieacosta_ marjorieacosta_

    He’s just incredible and i love love how your raising him thank you for always sharing you give me so many great ideas love ❤️😘

  • 19w ago yeidi yeidi

    @marges_life you’re so sweet! Thanks babe!!!!

  • 19w ago yeidi yeidi

    @lele_con_pan thanks babe!

  • 19w ago mercymargie mercymargie

    Put me on to Leo’s eyelash plug

  • 19w ago amirismylove amirismylove

    How many times a week you do this with him? Do u have a specific craft day I need to do this with my son he is sooo busy😶😝😍😍 ilove art

  • 19w ago nesaloves nesaloves

    Very sweet! Such a big heart for such a little guy!! ❤️ May he stay sweet forever!!

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