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It's #seniorsunday 👩🏻‍🎓🎀
Amanda is a true leader! She is an incredible role model, not to mention how talented she is! We couldn't be more proud to call this young lady a member of the family!
🖤How old is she?! -17!
🖤High school attending?! -Lakeview HS!💙
🖤Years cheering? -12!!
🖤Why does she love cheer?! -“I love this sport because unlike some other sports you have to have an amazing bond with the other people around you to succeed!” 🖤What EXE team is she on?! -NITRO💜
🖤What stunt position is she?! - Amanda is a #base and also a #backspot!💪
🖤Outside of cheer what does she do?! -She is also a sideline cheerleader for Lakeview High School. This will be her 2nd year being the head coach for Eastpointe All Stars levels 1-3🎀 ! She also works as a cashier/barista @panerabread !
🖤What are her future goals?! -Amanda aspires to be a teacher! 👩‍🏫 Her future goal is to graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education and work in an elementary school. 🖤Random FUN fact?! -She is #obsessed with Chinese food 🍜🍚


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