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Dingbat paradise.


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  • 49w ago friends_of_rockhaven friends_of_rockhaven

    Ni... hey! I was gonna say that!

  • 49w ago 1000mgofjenn 1000mgofjenn

    I love seeing your pics and imagining I was there. I like the portrayal of Cali through your eyes better than I'm sure I would anyone's

  • 49w ago chuckvideo chuckvideo

    @1000mgofjenn thank you so much for saying that, you’re making me blush! I’ll keep taking more. Then!

  • 49w ago chuckvideo chuckvideo

    @1000mgofjenn where are you located in this wonderful world?

  • 49w ago 1000mgofjenn 1000mgofjenn

    @chuckvideo good ole Florida. Lol not much different. But I've always wanted to go to Cali. Kinda like here but more... Something.

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