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Instagram post by @melo.roseharv Jamie.is.Will.Estes

Some wrongdoings in life don't deserve any form of remission. Crimes committed towards the defenseless; especially children... are truly unforgivable. PERIOD. Mere mortals like us are wired to protect our family at all cost...a cost some took to the extreme by stepping above the law and taking matters into their own hands... literally. But what about law enforcers who were sworn in to protect the people regardless of what their backstories were? Do they look past the ethical dilemma and help the 'victim'? Or do they look the other way like what most people would do just so as to ease their conscience? Doctors are bound by the Hippocratics oath to save everyone on the operating table regardless of who they are and what they had done.....law enforcers shouldn't be any different either. The constant weighing of 'Ethics vs. Professionalism' is probably something that our frontline heroes have to deal with on a daily basis.
'There's no absolution for what I did.' Jamie's reaction after hearing these words from the rehabilitated sex offender was intriguing. Couldn't really tell if that was the police officer shaking his head disagreeing to the fact that the guy wanted to get beaten up, or the empathatic Jamie coming to terms that sometimes, the law just doesn't really protect everyone as equally as it was written. Our society do not condone vigilante justice, but again, nobility can be a luxury you can't afford to have when you are protecting your own children. Does everyone deserve to have a second chance? #willestes #Bluebloods #jamiereagan #BB8x09 @willestes101 @bluebloods_cbs


  • 15w ago loveserenityvista loveserenityvista

    I am still processing this episode. The reality is the recidivism rate for adult sex offenders is around 90%. For a man who rapes such a young child the odds are greater that there were more he did not get caught with and the urge is still more than likely there. Still I struggled throughout the episode understanding how someone would beat another person up over a perceived threat when in NYC perceived threats are everywhere. This was such a great episode.

  • 15w ago melo.roseharv melo.roseharv

    @loveserenityvista Same here. It took me some time to really be able to process the whole episode. And even then, I have no answer as to which side I am on. On one hand, we are all for redemptions and second chances. But how do we even reconcile the fact that while he had served his term and trying to live his life now, the real victim is the little girl who will have to live with this traumatic event forever? Vigilante justice is never condoned, but again, nobility can be one luxury you can't afford to exercise when you are protecting your children. I agree that this is a great episode....I love it that the show never try to box us into a certain camp of thinking....they present many sides of the arguement and let the viewers decide for themselves. 👍

  • 15w ago loveserenityvista loveserenityvista

    @melo.roseharv exactly. I couldn't put it so well

  • 15w ago sandie_0701 sandie_0701

    Jamie Reagan 💜

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