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Instagram post by @myssmoxie Yasmine

A wise man once said “Purple Rain” well, thanks to my big sister Naima purple still reigns! Oh hi 👋 everyone my name is Amari Mahdi (shout out to my grandpa!) Abdul-Rahman or you can call me showtime...I’ll explain another time! I have red hair, a strong set of lungs and I love the sound of my big sister’s voice! I was born 11/28 a full 2 weeks before the doctor wanted me out of my mom’s tummy. He must not know that my sister and I make our own rules when it comes to our birth. Anyway, just wanted to greet all of my family, friends and people I will never meet!


  • 2w ago meenamemsahib meenamemsahib

    Awwwwww!!! Congrats!!! He is just as beautiful as you and Naima and I am sure as adorable as your hubby!! So happy for you!! X

  • 2w ago inalikechina inalikechina

    wow, Hi Amari!!! Congrats to you all! @djkhalil @myssmoxie #Naima 💙

  • 2w ago elonjohnson elonjohnson

    Omg!!! He’s a whole big little baby boy!!! Nice Work mom!!! Congrats!!!!

  • 2w ago natnatartin natnatartin


  • 2w ago nikkigrier nikkigrier

    Awwww he’s gorgeous!!! Congratulations 🎉

  • 2w ago slataillade slataillade

    Awwwwwwwww soooooo exciting

  • 2w ago bombai bombai

    congratulations to you and @djkhalil !!! welcome to the world showtime, we love you💜💜💜 hope mama is doing well

  • 2w ago karen.simone karen.simone

    Congrats on your two blessings!💙💖

  • 2w ago victoriaaudele victoriaaudele

    Congratulations Mommy of 2!!!! He’s beautiful and perfect!!! 😩

  • 2w ago kingspleasure kingspleasure


  • 2w ago tonelopez1 tonelopez1

    Congrats to two of the best people on this earth. Love you guys!

  • 2w ago jameyeam jameyeam


  • 2w ago morenikejoela morenikejoela

    Yaaaayyyy! He looks.jist like his mommy! welcome Amari!!

  • 2w ago jennsherryparry jennsherryparry

    He’s so good lookin! ❤️ congrats!!

  • 2w ago pakesther pakesther

    Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeks! ❤️❤️❤️

  • 2w ago kurtwurk kurtwurk


  • 2w ago fashionalities fashionalities

    Congrats!!!! He is adorable!!!! Xoxooxxoox

  • 2w ago eedena eedena

    ❤❤❤❤ Congrats Love!!

  • 2w ago jwaundace jwaundace

    Omgoodness ....sis...Amari is so handsome....congrats....I am SO PROUD OF YOU ❤❤❤

  • 2w ago audra_lorenzo audra_lorenzo

    Awwww! What a Blessing! Congratulations to you and the entire family!! 💕🙏🏽

  • 2w ago shay_theactress shay_theactress

    Awwww. He looks like you Mama! Congrats!!

  • 2w ago zetta07 zetta07

    Beautiful! So Happy for y’all ❤️

  • 2w ago tina.marshall1 tina.marshall1

    Love! God Bless you and your little family. 😍

  • 2w ago tractivenergy tractivenergy

    So beautiful! 💕💕

  • 2w ago ettade ettade

    Wow!! Congrats!!! What a beauty!

  • 2w ago j_ivy j_ivy

    CONGRATS to you all Sis!!!

  • 2w ago chrisp1 chrisp1


  • 2w ago luvnmrssmith luvnmrssmith

    Yay! Congratulations 🎉 💙

  • 2w ago pinkkyj pinkkyj

    Amari is rocking his sister’s purple and Hendrix has a pink Orbit stroller. These boys are nuanced! 🙌🏾 Both named for their grandpas. How beautiful. Welcome to the world little guy!

  • 2w ago tarreytorae tarreytorae


  • 2w ago iisland_girll iisland_girll

    Congratulations @myssmoxie & @djkhalil! What a cutie! 💕

  • 2w ago triciaosmithy triciaosmithy


  • 2w ago jujumyfriend jujumyfriend

    Beautiful! 💙💙💙

  • 2w ago danaxkirk danaxkirk


  • 2w ago maddiehoff maddiehoff

    Congratulations @myssmoxie ! He’s beautiful and I’m so happy for you and the fam!

  • 2w ago carm0560 carm0560


  • 2w ago szcosta szcosta

    Strong mama strong amari ! Congrats and love xoxo

  • 1w ago singlemama singlemama

    Congrats fam!!! He’s beautiful!!! We are coming next year to meet them both! Sending our love from the A to you and @djkhalil ♥️

  • 1w ago zentherewasnai zentherewasnai

    Awww my name is Na'imah and my son's middle name is Amari 😭 congratulations!!

  • 1w ago ashamusica ashamusica


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