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Instagram post by @pamelageller Pamela Geller

Banned and blacklisted, watch the prohibited speech here: https://youtu.be/dcIlXBVoSI8


  • 16w ago howzit67 howzit67

    Excuse me but what the fuck happened to free speech. It is the USA not freaking North Korea or any other backward nation!!!!

  • 16w ago marklaytin marklaytin

    Watched it last night. Magnificent! I love you as my sister in solidarity. #freespeech #1stAmendment #2ndAmendment

  • 16w ago garden_mane garden_mane


  • 16w ago flecher_indignatdesertbirds flecher_indignatdesertbirds

    God bless you Ms Geller 🙏🏽 you rock

  • 15w ago ivy.37 ivy.37

    I read banned books

  • 15w ago frederickssean frederickssean

    Milo was right. You are a superhero! Your forthright honesty and ruthless determination makes me want to read your story FATWA a second time(after I finish these last few chapters) 🙂 you have amazing dedication towards the fight for freedom!

  • 15w ago kimhopelovehappiness kimhopelovehappiness

    Keep up the great word!

  • 15w ago tomfuller18974 tomfuller18974

    The left tolerates only their propaganda.

  • 15w ago dcjohnson300 dcjohnson300


  • 15w ago jettlightning jettlightning

    Love everything you do! Class, intelligence, beauty. ♥️ Thanks for speaking out. Hope to meet you. @pamelageller

  • 15w ago robindatta robindatta

    @howzit67 "Free" was intended to be free only for male WASPs. "All men are created equal" in the Declaration of Independence does not include women, blackz, brownz, yellowz, redz, or any others.

  • 15w ago fauxjournalist fauxjournalist

    God knows your heart Ms. Geller

  • 11w ago robindatta robindatta

    @aedansmyname I decline to protest, and am retired.

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