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It’s the only place to really get a true greasy bag of burger joint in the area!!! #spokane #washington #dicksburgers #greasybagofdicks
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  • 42w ago cameron_bameron_ cameron_bameron_

    Extra Dick sauce please

  • 42w ago jhpglass jhpglass

    @cameron_bameron_ 😂😂😂 if you’ve seen the louis ck bit about the bag of dicks ...HAHA

  • 42w ago jesus_skywalker jesus_skywalker

    Is that a part of the Seattle Dicks chain? Signs totally different.

  • 42w ago coltarglass coltarglass


  • 42w ago lore_glass lore_glass

    So true I have paid to eat dicks there

  • 42w ago cameron_bameron_ cameron_bameron_

    @jhpglass I haven’t

  • 42w ago atrixbelle atrixbelle


  • 42w ago starchildglass starchildglass

    Wait a minute ...dick hamburger drive in is from Seattle as far as I know there are five in Seattle and Seattle only including edmonds...ive never ever heard of a ducks in Spokane...and it's a different sign and defiantly does not say by the bag pretty sure if this is a real place in Spokane it's a split off or bite of the original chain ?

  • 42w ago starchildglass starchildglass

    *spelling errors not retyping lol

  • 42w ago starchildglass starchildglass

    Yea I'm sure that's not the real dicks...they don't have a panda either ...what the fuck is this blastphomy

  • 42w ago zigerwoods zigerwoods

    @starchildglass it’s a total knock off!!! I moved to Spokane like 15 years ago & was so excited to eat there when I 1st saw it!!! I walked up to order & noticed things a lil weird...chicken burger...onion rings...I was like WTF!?!? It’s such a fraud compared to the real Dick’s!!! I’m surprised they stayed in business due to the name!?!? Plus their food sucked!!! #nottherealdicks #dicksimposter

  • 42w ago scoutnpdx scoutnpdx



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