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What did you do to start your day?
What were you doing at 6.30AM?
When you stepped out your house did you feel ready for the day ahead?
If you answered in bed, nothing, and no I didn't feel ready for the day, how has those negative vibes affected your day.
Low productivity, low mood, just feeling blah blah blah or did you wake up late , rushed and stressed!
It's the 'little' things that affect us and our outlook the most, and it's those 'little' things that we sometimes may think doesn't matter to us.
How you do YOUR day is up to YOU! Start your day unprepared and let's face it , it's just going to be another day!
When really getting yourself prepared, stuff together and starting on a good note will change how you deal with each day!
I love training my early morning clients, most work in offices where it's so easy to switch off, grind away and that be that. Using training like Animal Flow, boxing, HIIT really does get the blood pumping and the nervous system firing! And leaves the Imperfect squad early morning crew, ready to take in the day with an awake mind and body!
So necessary with winter well and truly taking hold now!
So lucky to have learnt and been shown such an awesome method by @ianpower77 during my PT course! Plus it's great the Imperfect squad are starting to feel more confident in their own skins now to try something different! Oh how I have some game changers up my leave 😉
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