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“Just as #OscarWilde said of a celebrated moment in #Dickens’s The Old Curiosity Shop—“One must have a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell without dissolving into tears of laughter”—one’s heart would have to be similarly calcified not to thoroughly enjoy this album of #Tansman #piano #miniatures. All the music was written after the #Polish-born composer moved to Paris in 1919, where he became friends with #Ravel, #Stravinsky, #Milhaud, and #Gershwin, all of whom would become important influences. Add the folk music of his native country, #blues, #jazz, musical ideas absorbed on his extensive travels, and the counterpoint of Johann Sebastian #Bach, and it’s easy to understand why #AlexandreTansman became one of the most cosmopolitan composers of the 20th century. … As in the first volume in this series (Toccata 0170), the brilliant young American pianist @dzelibor proves an ideal exponent of this music, not only in the way he instinctively seems to grasp the essence of the composer’s often elusive idiom, but also in the way he infuses the music with the last ounce of character, color, and excitement. With his own first-rate program notes and Toccata’s splendid recorded sound, this hugely enjoyable collection is clearly one to treasure.” —Jim Svejda, #Fanfare
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