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Packed house and line down the block - amazing! Despite the left's relentless vicious campaign of destruction, the people know the truth.


  • 33w ago emjay65 emjay65

    They are relentless with their hate filled narrative. Keep up the fight!✊🏻💪🏼

  • 33w ago sheilarenee___ sheilarenee___

    Amen!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  • 33w ago lorenadellantonevitt lorenadellantonevitt

    I'm glad for all this! You have always deserved it since the beginning of your commitment with the cause of liberty. All my love from Italy

  • 33w ago nungyloves nungyloves

    Love you and so thankful for all that you do! Wish you could come to Canada if this country wasn't so dead in the heart ugh

  • 33w ago cjpola cjpola

    If you visit again I will be sure to attend. Keep spreading ‘freedom’. Your our wings!

  • 33w ago robindatta robindatta

    These folks had not spent the first twenty-four plus years of their life in Pakistan (then West Pakistan) and Bangladesh (then East Pakistan). That was an excellent ejumakashun on the subject!

  • 33w ago blvksvbbth blvksvbbth


  • 33w ago scottbaioofficial scottbaioofficial

    Thanks for the shout outs

  • 33w ago uptown_lady uptown_lady

    @scottbaioofficial Scott...

  • 33w ago biddy_baby biddy_baby

    Go @pamelageller !!! Get it girl😘😍

  • 33w ago scottbaioofficial scottbaioofficial

    @uptown_lady what?😊

  • 33w ago uptown_lady uptown_lady

    @scottbaioofficial Pamela was serious tonight, as she has to be. Perhaps she doesn't realize you have a platonic respect/crush, am I right?

  • 33w ago scottbaioofficial scottbaioofficial

    @uptown_lady I think she knows and knows I’m serious

  • 33w ago haddassah_yosef haddassah_yosef

    Brave woman

  • 33w ago uptown_lady uptown_lady

    @scottbaioofficial Ok

  • 33w ago libby3libby libby3libby

    May God go with you.

  • 33w ago pilotmike797 pilotmike797

    Just outstanding!!

  • 32w ago neddybr neddybr

    Baruch HaShem! Hazak, hazak, hazak Pamela! May HaShem bless and protect you!!!

  • 32w ago dcjohnson300 dcjohnson300


  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx If you take your head out of your ass, SJW, you might be able to see something.........who am I kidding you don’t have the grey matter.

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx Yada, yada, yada. Sorry but either you’re suffering from post traumatic brain disorder. This isn’t to say there aren’t some good Muslims in the world. They’re the ones who realize the Koran is a flawed piece of garbage and don’t believe in Sharia. The rest are inbred sheep (or goats in this case), who buy into the most vile cult the world has seen. In America that would be the 50% that want Sharia

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx Real News? Unfortunately you wouldn’t know it if it bit you on the ass.

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx it was canceled due to his political views didn’t mesh with the administration on campus and they’ll use any excuse they can. The left wing which you’ve obviously been duped into believing has a real rube in their grasp

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx Being banned from Facebook is easy if your views don’t coincide with theirs. Unfortunately that’s going to lead to rules limiting everyone’s freedoms on the internet.

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx So did you convert to Islam during your stay there? That would explain a lot here. Do you support Sharia? FGM? Stoning women? There is so much video evidence out there it would make your head spin. However if you have an agenda which you undoubtedly have shown you do, you’ll ignore it to make brownie points with those easily swayed. You’re an example of not being able to see the forest because of the trees

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx Nope Congress is considering action on making laws to control the content of the Internet. Look at the Congressional record.

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx Either you’re BSing about being in Mosul or just talking out your ass. Ever come under fire? I suppose those were Buddhists shooting at you.

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx Ah so you ARE a Muslim. That explains everything. Take your taquiya and shove it

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx Yeah there are only 146 suras that command Muslims to slay the Infidel, cut off their heads, etc. Purge those and you have an acceptable work of fiction.

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx Right and wrong? You’ve got them as mixed up as an Orwellian fantasy. Get help.

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx So don’t avoid the question....... who was shooting at you. Mormons?

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx You didn’t say you were but you didn’t deny it either.

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx and the people who didn’t want you there were Catholic? Amazing you can’t admit a point, use subterfuge and insults to avoid answering valid points and otherwise BS on info which anyone can cull from Wikipedia. You’re not worth anymore of anyone’s time. The days of your paradigms are numbered. People are catching on to the lefts hypocrisy. From Harvey Weinstein to the Clintons to the rest of them. Be prepared to be called out on your fallacies by true patriots, not your compadres like Bowie Bergdahl.

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx Try the MS and Chicago gangs. They kill 99% more people than Right wing Christians. In the world that would be about 98% Muslim violence

  • 32w ago peterjacob32 peterjacob32


  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx 98% of all terror attacks are caused by the “Religion of peace”. Try actually researching before you lay down the company line. Fool? Look in a mirror if you want to see one of those. Try getting an education. And still you can’t admit it was Muslims shooting at you. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

  • 32w ago chuckster520 chuckster520

    @realrobertx Oh and a 2015 report had Muslims responsible for 450 out of 452 terror attacks in the world for that year, so actually the number % wise for 2015 was 99.5 not 98. I stand corrected. When was the last time you hear of a Jewish suicide bomber? Bhuddist? Mormon? Jain? Catholic? B’Hai? Perhaps the Amish, yeah they’re the real culprits.

  • 32w ago gburianek gburianek

    Good work Pamela. Keep it up!

  • 29w ago lou.goldberg lou.goldberg

    Love you and your work

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