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Instagram post by @marketingmama Missy Voronyak

Friends, I want to introduce you to four of the most inspirational women I know. No matter how fancy their Instagram accounts look, they are very REAL, strong, SMART and enthusiastic women who have made a CHOICE to share their work and their *lives* to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world.
I’ve had the privilege to know and write about & speak w/ & HUG these women at various times throughout the years I’ve been a part of the #foodallergy community. Earlier this month I went to @fablogcon for the 3rd time & spent time with these ladies.
1: Angie from @sitbymebakery, a bakery in CO. Angie & Steve make GORGEOUS & DELICIOUS baked goods for families w/food allergies without ingredients that would make them sick. She has a big ❤️ & I’ve seen so much growth in their business over the last year I’ve known them. I stalk their social channels & drool over every picture they post. Avery & I had their cupcakes & cinnamon rolls & they were AMAZING.
2: Lindsey of @lindseyleeandtheboys. We spoke together at @fablogcon on Finding Your Niche & Inspiration & it was so much fun! Lindsey has a fierce mama heart of gold & shares her life so beautifully on her Insta & blog. She takes stunning photos & I love her style & voice so much.
3: Julie Brown, MD & Jenny @jennyfabc. Dr. Brown is an ER physician who studies & educates docs & parents on anaphylaxis & epinephrine. A great speaker I’ve covered on my blog multiple times, esp her work to report lacerations from epipens to the FDA which helped urge them to change the device instructions for safety.
And @jennyfabc who I adore. A friend for many years who is a TIRELESS advocate & STRONG mama to 2 boys who have more than just food allergies going on. She’s the founder of @fablogcon & an amazing person who has made a BIG difference for this community.
Lots of love to you ladies. Thank you for all you do, especially for sharing your voices. It makes a difference. ❤️😍❤️


  • 7w ago krystenskitchen krystenskitchen

    Awww yay!!!! This made me smile so much!!! 😘❤️🤗🤗

  • 7w ago jennyfabc jennyfabc

    ❤️thank you! What a sweet kind way to end my day! I love you Missy!- I'm honored to be on this list! (And love each of these ladies as well for all they do!) 😘

  • 7w ago milkallergymom milkallergymom

    Allergy moms make it happen! Thanks for sharing amazing advocates with us!

  • 7w ago sitbymebakery sitbymebakery

    Thank you, friend! We love connecting with you! Grateful we get to feed you and Avery! Means the world! XO

  • 7w ago lindseyleeandtheboys lindseyleeandtheboys

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for these kind words. They are gold to my heart. They especially mean so much after a long day at the hospital

  • 7w ago lindseyleeandtheboys lindseyleeandtheboys

    I agree with you that these women are completely amazing! @sitbymebakery @jennyfabc and Dr. Julie Brown, MD all do amazing things and this world is a much much better place with each of them!! ✨❤✨❤✨ And, thank you for you- everything you do is so important! Please keep rockin on!

  • 7w ago umpala_rain umpala_rain

    Such amazing ladies for sure!! ❤️

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