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I’m still on sale 😬💲let me know if you have purchased my exclusive @devacurl bundle! I will personally consult you on your hair journey ➰ #cybermonday #ad


  • 53w ago mehekey mehekey

    @spisha so you just use the no poo even after oil and hope for the best? I'm tempted to try the deva curl low poo after oiling my hair

  • 53w ago puretamxoxo puretamxoxo

    @spisha thank you

  • 53w ago spisha spisha

    @mehekey well I don’t hope for the best because I know for a fact my hair turns out right each and every time. Been doing it for almost two years 😜 but what works for me, doesn’t work for everyone.

  • 53w ago mehekey mehekey

    @spisha makes sense, I used no poo after coconut oil and my hair just looked wet even when it was dry because of the oil 😂

  • 53w ago spisha spisha

    @mehekey oh daaang, yeah that doesn’t sound good. That doesn’t happen to me. I suggest using half the amount of oil and/or low poo.

  • 53w ago lion_curls44 lion_curls44

    @spisha haha yes Nepali curls!!! With a little white mixed in from my mom lol

  • 53w ago tore_ee tore_ee

    @spisha good to know that even a pro can get stumped! Can't wait to try all my new products👍

  • 53w ago isarah_del14 isarah_del14

    I got my mines todayyyy so exciteedddddd @spisha

  • 53w ago rhemmige rhemmige

    @spisha I used your kit yday and am on day 2 curls! I used #supercream and #arcangel- refreshed today with mousse and #beautifulmess! You are a genius, it works great! My problem is that while I love the hairspray, I feel it left my hair sticky and there is buildup on my scalp. Did I use too much? Any insight on this? I would’ve made it to day 4 but I’m not sure and may wash it tomorrow. Help?

  • 53w ago damaris_0910 damaris_0910

    Received mine already! @spisha

  • 53w ago therealjessicamccoy therealjessicamccoy

    @mehekey I had the same problem! I’m glad I’m not alone. 😜 Buildup Buster and a thorough scalp massage in the shower takes the excess oil right off! Try parting your hair down the center and targeting your crown with the gel, working your way out.

  • 53w ago melsidwell melsidwell

    I totally bought your bundle! Excited to use it, and restore my hair to its former glory.

  • 53w ago spisha spisha

    @melsidwell YESSSS, you do that girl ✨

  • 53w ago spisha spisha

    @damaris_0910 yaaay! 😆

  • 53w ago spisha spisha

    @isarah_del14 me too 😆

  • 53w ago amarii_avocado amarii_avocado

    I bought your bundle and got it delivered yesterday!!! I’m SOOOOO EXCITED to try the products that I’ve never used before😁

  • 53w ago missvcolozzi missvcolozzi

    Mine just came in the mail! I’m so super excited to try everything out since we have the same curl type and about the same length :) you’re gorgeous! I love seeing your YouTube videos - wish you did more!

  • 53w ago mehekey mehekey

    @therealjessicamccoy Thankyouu so much! will try that ☺💕

  • 53w ago therealjessicamccoy therealjessicamccoy

    You’re so welcome! (I was also using way too much! ;)

  • 53w ago mehekey mehekey

    @therealjessicamccoy I tend to go overboard with the oil as well

  • 53w ago therealjessicamccoy therealjessicamccoy

    @mehekey I think I’m subconsciously trying to speed up progress. 😝

  • 53w ago vanessa_nicoole vanessa_nicoole

    I just found you on YouTube and was excited about finding someone with the same hair type as me. I was even more excited when I found out YIU had a bundle with devacurl but found out I can’t buy it anymore :( I hope they will bring it back

  • 52w ago the_black_asia the_black_asia

    @spisha do you have a suggestion for an alternative for the devacurl beautiful mess for the internationals?

  • 52w ago elonah_jo elonah_jo

    Hi @spisha ! Were the bundles a one time special? Or do you think youd be doing them again in the future?? Hate that I missed out on that amazing deal with yours 😩

  • 52w ago nhithuyshirley nhithuyshirley

    I don’t have curly hair and I would buy this because....AYESHA.

  • 51w ago stilloreb stilloreb

    @spisha I am confused as to which conditioner to use aside from the Oroginal One Conditioner. Your bundle came with the Deep Sea Repaie, Melt Into Moisture and the small One Decadence. Do you switch between all three once a week? Thank you!

  • 51w ago cutedealzzz cutedealzzz

    You have such beautiful hair , I love seeing Pakistani beauty ❤️🇵🇰

  • 50w ago linelle.jeziorska linelle.jeziorska

    Hi. I just discovered you and I am starting my journey to bring back my natural curls, is the bundle still available for purchase I will love to try deva- curl.. I've been researching the best products for my curly hair .. thanks you. Ps. Your hair is absolutely amazing!!

  • 49w ago marleekmohn marleekmohn

    I need this in my life.

  • 49w ago _._.danica._._ _._.danica._._

    Hi, I just discovered you but the bundle is unavailable. Do you know if they’ll bring it back?

  • 49w ago mallory1984 mallory1984

    I bought your bundle just before Christmas!😃 I’m excited to reawaken my curls!

  • 49w ago hinsh_habeeb07 hinsh_habeeb07

    How do you apply your arc angel? I think my application is wrong and mi hair just poofs up by evening 🤔 @spisha

  • 49w ago amikaluna amikaluna

    Is the bundle still on sale on Deva curl website .? @spisha

  • 47w ago doctahkay doctahkay

    Bought your bundle and LAHV IT! only used 3 products so far and the difference is amazing

  • 47w ago brahkalei_broccoli brahkalei_broccoli

    Hi! Is your bundle no longer available ??

  • 44w ago catrina_h_s catrina_h_s

    @spisha I got your bundle and I have been heat free for over a month.

  • 43w ago jimenez2jessica jimenez2jessica

    I’m trying to buy your suggestions, cloud you set up a list of the products🙂? The bundle is no longer available 😭

  • 43w ago oekaraimoh oekaraimoh

    Hai spisha... when are you going to this spisha bundle again???

  • 36w ago jazinthrulife jazinthrulife

    I’m so sad I missed this!!

  • 5w ago q_t_pye_15 q_t_pye_15

    Oh bugger i missed out....

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