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Medicine Hat’s bringing home a pair of enclosed top mount #Enforcer #Pumpers. Each feature 650-gallon water tanks and hosebed storage in the front bumper. #MedicineHatAlberta


  • 61w ago liampattisonphotography liampattisonphotography

    Nice to see some Canadian rigs, looks great! 🚒🇨🇦

  • 61w ago cuberchiang cuberchiang

    Ive been waiting to see the completed result of these rigs. Very nice!

  • 60w ago jeffreykutzke jeffreykutzke

    @piercemfg how many inches is the front bumper extended?

  • 60w ago jerryn6_keepinit100 jerryn6_keepinit100

    @piercemfg Are you guy building new engines for Dayton Ohio?... That's the rumor here.

  • 60w ago dirt992 dirt992

    What is the wheelbase on this engine

  • 60w ago dfraz916 dfraz916

    What Pump is that?

  • 60w ago snfphoto snfphoto

    Strange name for a town

  • 60w ago johntheox47 johntheox47

    is that panel in the cab? 😮

  • 60w ago liampattisonphotography liampattisonphotography

    @johntheox47 Also known as a “top mount enclosed pump”. Both of my city’s pumps have the same design where the pump panel is up inside the cab, hence the raised roof. Keeps a person safe and off the street during a fire, especially helps with our nasty winters by keeping the pump operator slightly warmer than being outside. My city has used this design on at least their past 4-5 pumps spanning well over 25-30 years.

  • 60w ago johntheox47 johntheox47

    @liampattisonphotography 🖑 i owe cake and ice cream, my first time seeing that! mahalos for the knowledge drop! thats a pretty awesome design considering the environment you guys operate it in and all.

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  • 60w ago z.race z.race

    @davekennedy4 eh der bai headed up to Medicine Hat

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  • 60w ago liampattisonphotography liampattisonphotography

    @johntheox47 No problem! Lots of people hate on the raised roof design, saying it’s ugly and all that, but I personally like it, plus you need the raised roof if you have a top mount enclosed pump design. I’d say the top mount enclosed pump is more common in the Canadian prairie provinces (where I’m from), as well as the east coast because of the extreme winter temperatures we can get. As I mentioned, this design helps keep the pump operator a bit warmer during a fire, as well it helps keep them off the street and out of any line of traffic.

  • 60w ago edwardjerome22 edwardjerome22

    Hey der, it’s so cold right over by da thing, dat we gotta have da pumper, ya see, in da cab der, n he got to keep Medication in his hat, den we taught of dat der name @reclaimedandrestained @griefmop

  • 60w ago griefmop griefmop

    @edwardjerome22 🤔...🤦🏼‍♂️

  • 57w ago bigskyab bigskyab

    @johntheox47 scroll way down on this Pierce page and you will see the City of Airdrie enclosed top mount pump. Look for yellow Velocity chassis

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