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Never been a fan of Eric cause I've always found him immature and not funny but I really loved him in this scene. Uncle D would have been proud. Also Steve knew he had to take care of him since Danny couldn't. The ohana vibes 💕

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  • 65w ago 0506mcgarrett 0506mcgarrett

    Danno is dead?? 😢 (in Italy we will not are yet 8 season) 💔

  • 65w ago alohaspaceman alohaspaceman

    @0506mcgarrett no, non è morto.

  • 65w ago 0506mcgarrett 0506mcgarrett

    @alohaspaceman che sollievo!😊 grazie ❤

  • 65w ago surfbelle2 surfbelle2

    I was totally blown away by this unexpected scene. I thought it was great the way it brought up some new info. About Danny & his family following his move to Hawaii while at the same time recalling Eric's first visit to HI. I hope this continues Eric's maturing process because now it's obvious Andy L. can really handle more than just the comedic part of his role.

  • 65w ago alohaspaceman alohaspaceman

    @surfbelle2 my thoughts exactly. It reminded me of Chin talking about how Steve helped him mourning Malia in 6.25.

  • 65w ago christinalynnparnell christinalynnparnell

    Will you do a pictorial of Danny coding and the beach scene of him and Steve as old men? I loved the fact that his “last” thought was of him and Steve. Although Danny may not say it anymore, but Steve is an essential part of his life and always will be!

  • 65w ago christinalynnparnell christinalynnparnell

    I mean to say that all though Danny doesn’t say I love you anymore to Steve, Steve is and always will be an essential part of his life. Neither one would survive if the other died! Best bromance on tv!

  • 65w ago tattyvieira tattyvieira

    Steve é uma paizão para todos. ❤❤

  • 65w ago alex_oloughlin._ alex_oloughlin._

    I like Eric!

  • 65w ago madalenaf22 madalenaf22

    I like Eric as well!!! I love all the Lawrence brothers as matter of fact!!!💙💙💙💙💙

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