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Rep. Ruben Kihuen (D-Nev.) said Saturday that he will not seek reelection after facing accusations about sexual harassment.
Kihuen has been under fire after a former campaign staffer and a Nevada lobbyist both accused Kihuen of sexual harassment while he was a Democratic candidate and during his tenure as a state legislator.
"I want to state clearly again that I deny the allegations in question,” Kihuen said in a statement. "However, the allegations that have surfaced would be a distraction from a fair and thorough discussion of the issues in a reelection campaign. Therefore, it is in the best interests of my family and my constituents to complete my term in Congress and not seek reelection." - ELENA SCHNEIDER 📷: @gettyimages
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  • 60w ago k1ng_l0ui3 k1ng_l0ui3

    I wonder how many of these allegations are actually true? Do we live in a climate where someone can ruin another’s career just simply accusing them?

  • 60w ago chewie1946 chewie1946


  • 60w ago javierz_sight javierz_sight

    Another one bites the dust booduboomboomboom.

  • 60w ago saltpeterg saltpeterg


  • 60w ago serggin73 serggin73

  • 60w ago spreadingcommonsense spreadingcommonsense

    Get all these disgusting Democrats out of office!

  • 60w ago spreadingcommonsense spreadingcommonsense

    @k1ng_l0ui3 Yes. Look at Roy Moore

  • 60w ago diane_santangelo diane_santangelo

    Due process is the answer. And that includes Trumper the Humper. Smug disgusting man.

  • 60w ago cure4liberals cure4liberals

    great page 👍

  • 60w ago spreadingcommonsense spreadingcommonsense

    @asconn521 its not about political party. It's about the circumstances and the facts. It's a term I reserve for people who are actually guilty, for people who have evidence, photos and witness testimony against them and those who have paid off accusers with or without tax payer money. And that happens to be dozens of Democrats at the moment. Roy Moore was falsely accused with zero evidence a few weeks before an important senate race. Huge difference, yet everyone fell for it. Where are his accusers now? You won't hear or see from them ever again, the election is over

  • 60w ago afineday1972 afineday1972

    Good get them out of there!

  • 60w ago afineday1972 afineday1972

    @spreadingcommonsense his accusers had come forward many times. They are suing him. He will settle rather than have the victims testify on the record.

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