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I open the door and walk in. I lay my bag on the ground and take off my shoes and my jacket. I walk into the living room and see a little paper on the table, next to a bit of money. "Hey honey, Dad and I are invited to a dinner with some friends, you can order something to eat. We will be back after midnight. We love you babe" stands on the paper. I sight and walk up to my room. My parents are never home, sometimes it is good but sometimes not. Well, I can't change. I put in my favorite movie and watched it. It's "The fault in our stars" I always start to cry when I watch it. In the middle of the movie I look at my phone and see Shawn texted me 3 minutes ago. I go into What'sApp and read them "Hey, it's me, Shawn" "Um, I am free today" "You um, maybe wanna hang out?". My eyes grow bigger and I smile bright. "Sure, when you wanna come over?" I ask and wait for his answer. "What about... 5pm?" he sends back. I look on the clock and see it's 4.30pm. "Yes, that's good" "See ya" I send and put away my phone. Fuck! An half hour, for that room? I ask myself and look around in my room. I run through my whole room to put away old underwear, shirts and rubbish. And yes, I am not really good in keeping my room clean. When I am finish with cleaning I  look in my mirror and do my hair a bit. I put on parfum and deodorant and try to get the redness away from my cheeks. I breath in and two seconds later I hear the doorbell. Shawn. I head downstairs and open the door. "H-hey" I stutter and smile. "Hey" he smiles back. "Come in" I say and move a bit away from the door. He walks in and I help him with his jacket. "I am alone, where do we wanna go? My room, living room?" I ask and literally stare at him. "I would love to see how your room changed" he smiles. I nod and we walk upstairs. While we walk upstairs Shawn looks at all the photos on the wall next to the stairs. I stop and point on one where he is in. "You remember that summer?" I ask and laugh a bit. "Yes, I do, it was the summer where I threw you in the lake and you were so wet that I had to give you my sweater. And it was the summer where we accidentally burned up our tent." MORE IN THE COMMENTS!!!


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