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Wishing everyone a glorious holiday season. Build the longer table, always!! and share what you have been blessed with. Whether you share your time 🕰, your heart ♥️, your mind 🧠, your soul 🙏, your money 💴 or your vibe🤗...share. What you have more of..share.
If we all focus on building that longer table, well perhaps one day we’ll all be sitting around it, together. Peace on earth 🌏 is all I want for Christmas and always. #peace #holidays #tistheseason #onelove #love #health #prosperity #greatful #blessed
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you don't need a reason to clean out your closets & donate things, you don't need a reason to go to my bio, click the link and send supplies to hurricane victims, you don't need a reason to donate $5, $10, $50 or $100 to help a college student pay her debt so she can continue her education (details in 3 stories) you don't need a reason to ask that kid alone on the playground or cafeteria to join you & your do these things because it's what is right, what humanity is about. If you see somebody being mistreated, do not look the other way...DEFEND them; SPEAK UP. We all know right from wrong, but how many of us speak on it when we see it? I have no shame when it comes to how people treat other people. I recently told a woman at a table next to mine at a fancy restaurant that I was uncomfortable with how she spoke to a busboy who was practically in tears. Everybody else saw it, they chose to look the other way; WE can no longer do that. It is up to us to make a difference. I tell children all the time to watch how they speak to their peers, I don't care if I don't know them. You would think my kids world be embarrassed as would many girls that age...nope they smirk and gloat and are proud knowing they have a mom who is not afraid to stand up to ANYBODY. At a time when the leadership of our country is not leading by example & the our moral fiber questionable; it is up to us to be the voices and show the world what we stand for and what is right. It's about humanity, what you would hope others would do for you. I know many teenage girls follow~BE KIND to the loner, ask her to join you. We have something to lea

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