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Jake's POV:
I finally find the jeans Erika left last time she was here, I hand it to Tessa along with a jp hoodie.
Tessa: always plug *she smiles*
Jake: oh you know the game *winks*

We both laugh and she goes in my closet to get changed. She comes out after 5 minutes looking stunning! How? It's just some jeans and a hoodie?

Tessa: good thing i was wearing my dress with some converse *laughs*
Jake: yeah, im surprised they didn't get wet
Tessa: ikr
Jake: what about ur hair, isn't it all wet too?
Tessa: I'll go wash it so it doesn't smell like Kool aid
Jake: okay, I'll wait here.
*10 minutes later*
Jake: almost ready?
Tessa:yeah *walks out the bathroom*
Jake: k, let's go, Tristan must be waiting for us already.
Tessa: yeah, we should go. *Outside the house*
Jake: ride on my lambo? *Smirks*
Tessa: sweet!
*They drive to the froyo place*
Jake: we can go to the mall after this
Tessa: whatever you want *smiles*

As soon as Tessa sees Tristan inside she runs to him and gives him a huge bear hug, have to admit, it felt weird. I don't know what the feeling was, but It was definitely weird.
Tristan: Hey jake
Jake: sup man

We get our froyo and sit down at this table with 4 chairs, ready to talk.
Tristan: so, what happened in there?
Jake: well, basica- *gets cut off by Tessa*
Tessa: I was telling Jake how I felt about Alex and turns out she heard everything. She got mad and poured the fruit punch on me, some people were laughing, some were whispering, others were taking pictures, so we felt uncomfortable and left.
Jake: yeah

Tristan's POV: wow I wasn't expecting that at all, and I can tell they see it on my face.
Tristan:wow. I'm not usually the type to say this but, fuck her.
*We all laugh*
After that we all just start talking about random stuff as we eat our ice cream. We were having a great time until someone hugs Tessa from behind her chair.



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