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Instagram post by @applesandamandas amanda victoria | 🌱EGAN

Question of the day: what do I love about myself?
i know I'm not the only one who finds answering this question hard. we've been conditioned to think that loving ourselves or saying nice things about ourselves is a selfish, narcissistic, egoistic thing. these past years I've learned (& not by the easiest means) that loving and appreciating yourself is a direct way to thank God for this beautiful body/vessel/gift we've been given. loving yourself doesn't mean putting others down or putting yourself on a pedestal. it's necessary, way you love yourself is the way you love others.
Some things I love about myself: my sense of humor, my work ethic, my clothing style (when I look like a hobo and when i don't), my commitment to school, working, and fitness, my ability to admit when I'm wrong, & the fact that seeing other people happy, improve, or grow positively makes me happy. What do you love about yourself? #loveyourselfeverydamnday


  • 8w ago littlejournalx littlejournalx


  • 8w ago spencerzx spencerzx

    you’re amazing, thanks for the morning inspiration ✨

  • 8w ago z1verik z1verik

    I’m very overt about things, I love people to the max... so compassionate.

  • 8w ago biaadriana biaadriana

    I love that you smile so much! 😁

  • 8w ago annaellegaard annaellegaard

    Such an important question to ask yourself. Every single day πŸ™πŸ»

  • 8w ago safyrer safyrer

    Thank you for showing us all how to use Instagram so gracefully.

  • 8w ago alexandraa_argueta alexandraa_argueta

    You 're such a good vibes .( i love your hair )

  • 8w ago thefickleblog thefickleblog

    You're skin glows 😍😍😍

  • 8w ago casey_8819 casey_8819

    I love how I stand for what I believe in or want. I stick to my guy. I also Love how I try to be better everyday and more positive everyday towards my self and others 😊❀️

  • 8w ago pinakydas pinakydas


  • 8w ago nehcessity nehcessity

    Your hair makes me so happy!! I love my compassion, not only towards myself and loved ones, but also towards all beings that we share our Earth with 🌞

  • 8w ago gracie_greens gracie_greens

    beautiful πŸ’•β˜ΊοΈ

  • 8w ago katie_thegirlwholived katie_thegirlwholived

    I’m always willing to give to others. I think I have nice eyes. I am ambitious and persevering.

  • 8w ago habib_ahmadi786 habib_ahmadi786

    Eyes and tooth

  • 8w ago habib_ahmadi786 habib_ahmadi786

    Love your eyes and tooth

  • 8w ago habib_ahmadi786 habib_ahmadi786

    What will be our prize?

  • 8w ago madameshugah madameshugah


  • 8w ago stretchandshine stretchandshine

    Love everything about this post

  • 8w ago jessicasmmith jessicasmmith

    Where is this sweater from

  • 8w ago mirandakeller mirandakeller


  • 8w ago plantifulway plantifulway


  • 8w ago chapterofjoy chapterofjoy

    You are so pretty!

  • 8w ago gelixr gelixr

    Gorgeous πŸ’—

  • 8w ago jamieaguas jamieaguas

    Love thisπŸ’—

  • 7w ago littletravelingvegan littletravelingvegan

    Love this soo much and it's soo important! πŸ’›

  • 7w ago lyfefuel lyfefuel

    We love your recipes

  • 7w ago grass.soul grass.soul

    So in love πŸ’›πŸ’› #selfloveisnotselfish

  • 7w ago hanghelp hanghelp


  • 7w ago sbsb0058 sbsb0058

    God bless you

  • 7w ago hanghelp hanghelp


  • 7w ago cmcarroll68 cmcarroll68

    Love your hair Amanda

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