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Kestrel Chronicles - entered the shed the other day to do a couple jobs... with no food... Mr Bird had already been fed... while I’m focused on what I’m doing Mr Bird lands on my shoulder and starts grabbing claws-full of my hair. Didn’t get my ear tho thankfully. I ignored him and kept working. Then he worked his way around the back of my neck towards the other shoulder, fly kicking every so often, grabbing tufts of hair.... then climbed up onto the top of my head... this is a photo of his achievements that afternoon. #bird #kestrel #birdofprey #nature #feather #boss #shedlife #shed #australia


  • 21w ago manawellbeingcentre manawellbeingcentre


  • 21w ago bec_tulka bec_tulka

    Sounds like Mr Bird was having an attention tantrum 😂 By the look of this photo the “planned ignoring” didn’t work very well ?!! haha, so clever !

  • 21w ago dylan_drums dylan_drums

    I love this shit

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  • 21w ago calamitysarahjane calamitysarahjane

    Good to see you have your hat for the Port Lincoln Cup sorted early Joshy!

  • 21w ago mishful8 mishful8

    You should send this to the Hawthorn Hawks!!🏉👌🏼❗️

  • 21w ago mishful8 mishful8

    You should send this to the Hawthorn Hawks!!🏉👌🏼❗️

  • 21w ago joshywillo joshywillo

    I stuck at it for as long as I could.😂

  • 21w ago joshywillo joshywillo

    My fascinator today is nature-inspired realism. 💃🏼

  • 21w ago beckymoo7 beckymoo7

    That's scary when they're on your shoulder and have a tantrum 😳 I had my king parrot on one shoulder and the Quaker parrot insisted on climbing up my other arm onto my shoulder. 'Nek minit' they're having a fight (territorial) at the back of my neck 😬 clawing away. The kids thought it was funny, I didn't 🤦🏼‍♀️

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