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Instagram post by @juju__tiu Julia Tone It Up Seattle

Grateful to have the week off. Had a lazy weekend and morning but #nevermissamonday ! Tried out @laurengleisberg #fitmas w1d1. I can tell I’m going to hurt so good tomorrow! Put on a #mermaidmask and am now enjoying breakfast. I love food so much. I revived my grandmother’s cast iron skillet yesterday. So many delicious meals made in it. Flipping through this cookbook to get some ideas. What is an alternative replacement for heavy cream and half and half for French cuisine? I have found eliminating dairy from my diet has done wonders for my skin and how I feel. But, don’t ever take away my occasional cheese or Greek yogurt, that’s different! think I can make these recipes more #lgc and #tiuapproved I miss France and my French family so much especially around the holidays. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! #tiuseattle #tiuteam #tiuteachers @toneitup


  • 8w ago brittanylc brittanylc

    I sometimes replace dairy cream with canned coconut milk in recipes to get that creamy element dairy free.

  • 8w ago juju__tiu juju__tiu

    @brittanylc yes! Good idea! Thanks B! 💖🤗

  • 8w ago brittanylc brittanylc

    @juju__tiu I've also seen dairy free half and half at the grocery store recently but haven't given it a try yet. It was the new pea based dairy free milk, the brand is Ripple I think. An interesting option too!

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