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I’m working on my #tincanknitsharvest and my ssk stitches are visible while the #k2tog seem smooth. Am I doing this right? #sweaterinprogress #sweater #knitcardigan #knittinghelp #knitter #knittersofinstagram #knitsweater #knit #knitstagram #tincanknitspattern @tincanknits


  • 44w ago kelliandetc kelliandetc

    Ssk is usually more visible than a k2tog, but check out the "a beater was to ssk" article on cocoknits blog - I think it makes a difference to do it her way.

  • 44w ago jessi_and_knits jessi_and_knits

    @kelliandetc thank you! I don’t mind it since this is my first sweater but I wanted to make sure I was doing it right 😊 I will check out that article and see what I can do. Thanks so much!!

  • 44w ago maryannarella maryannarella

    Techknitters blog had a way to get ssk to behave a little better, too.

  • 44w ago jessi_and_knits jessi_and_knits

    @maryannarella thank you!!

  • 44w ago annalisewagstaff annalisewagstaff

    It looks great though! The first sweater is the hardest!

  • 44w ago jessi_and_knits jessi_and_knits

    @annalisewagstaff thanks! I’m loving it so far and learning a ton. Almost done! Hoping to have it finished and blocked for Thanksgiving but it’s a tight deadline.


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