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Although I did not place in the top 5 last saturday, I have to say that despite of my placing this competition was a very special one for me right from the beginning! You may or may not know this gentleman, but I can tell you that he is a huge inspiration for me! I’m following this man’s journey for several years now and watched him prepare for the exact same competition two years ago and felt fired up by his iron will and discipline to become his best version. I can remember watching his video two years ago where he got hit by a car one or two weeks away from the competition but still pulled through although he really was in pain! Well, last Saturday I had the pleasure to meet @johannes_luckas , his wife and their daughter in person. It was basically luck that I layed down right next to him in the backstage area and we somehow started chatting a little bit about all kinds of things. It was an amazing experience and made my day even before the competition actually started. I got a lot of tipps from him and his wife and in general it was a very cool and chilled atmosphere although we were at the german national championships. Both are very humble, down to earth and honest people and hearing their opinions about my physique and how I could improve for my next competitions was very valuable for me.
Biggest respects also to his wife and daughter for their crazy support behind the scenes, because that is for sure something you shouldn’t take for granted! Thank you guys for making this day so special! 💯
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