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My kind of Sunday.... 😹 I do sleep in weird positions. 😅 #messybed #portableheater #sundayvibes #日曜日 #yawn #mycatisawesome #snorlaxmode #queensizebed #funnystuff


  • 44w ago ch3ukl1 ch3ukl1

    I'm worried you kick me out of bed 😂. I was bad when I was younger. Injured myself a few times.

  • 44w ago xstephanieborborx xstephanieborborx

    @ch3ukl1 haha I might ;) how’d you injure yourself? 😱

  • 44w ago ch3ukl1 ch3ukl1

    @_steph_loves my bed is next to the wall and I moved to a position like you with my feet next to the wall. I somehow propelled myself off the wall and I went flying off the bed and hurt my knee. I had a few incidents. Too embarrassing to tell lol

  • 44w ago icidburner icidburner

    @_steph_loves I See your Feet 🤣


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