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The Stone Roses S/T (1989) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So I've been challenged by @aekastar to share my favourite album. This really is a daunting affair as my choice changes and fluctuates on a day to day basis. Some of my all time favorites I've already posted and I didn't want to repost. So for today, it's going to be The Stone Roses debut. What else is there to say about this amazing record? It appeared from out of nowhere and has been transformative, not only for me, but for alternative music. The album just changed the rules. It showed that an indie band can jangle, rock and groove at the same time. It sounded thoroughly massive and ambitious which went against the grain of indie bands sounding small and precious. It's pretty hard to find another band who had as explosive a debut album as this. Perfectly formed on its release, it has stood the test of time for nearly 30 years and still continue to stun and delight me in equal measures. It's also my choice today because it was one of those records I recently recovered and I've been playing it again endlessly for the past two weeks. How many versions does a person need of this? Pictured here are the original US pressing (the one I just recovered) that contained Elephant Stone which the UK pressing didn't ; the Light in The Attic 2015 reissue in beautiful yellow vinyl remastered to 2 LPS; the US CD; the 10th anniversary 2CD set. There are a few other versions that I missed out on, and the DVD that I can't find at the moment. Seeing the live when they reunited 5 years ago was another highlight, reminding again how much I love this band and this record in particular. So excuse me now while I drown in the magnificence of I Am The Resurrection. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #thestoneroses #ihaveathingforvinyl



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