Instagram post by @sfhfc St Francis Hospice for Cats

This is handsome Tigger. SFHFC came to his rescue a few weeks ago after he was diagnosed as being FIV+. He is a lovely young cat who loves his food and enjoys a bit of fuss, but not too much. He is now up at Kays (in temporary accommodation) where our new unit is going to be. I know that a lot of you who follow us have wondered how things are going. We have had many delays, most of which have been out of the charity’s control. This has meant a very frustrating couple of years but we have continued to do what we can with our limited resources. Along with this we continue to help with the foster cats of SFHFC who I am pleased to say are all doing well. I will aim to post some updates of the foster cats soon.

2018 will however definitely be the year that SFHFC’s new unit will open and if things now go to plan it should be in the first half of the year. In the meantime we continue to rescue the FIV cats that we can.
So please continue to follow/support our little charity as next year we be fully back up and running.

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