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  • 43w ago davidglory9319 davidglory9319

    May God continue to keep ur marriage

  • 43w ago bello8489 bello8489

    God will bless your union

  • 43w ago sharon_4jesus sharon_4jesus

    The blessing of God shine around u both

  • 43w ago hapiglow hapiglow

    Awesome couple you are blessed

  • 43w ago fideliaobiyan fideliaobiyan


  • 43w ago lohlacoach lohlacoach

    Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Wellington... Have a blissful married life

  • 43w ago oconquo_maya oconquo_maya

    A step closer @bankywellington

  • 43w ago angela_pius angela_pius

    Wow congratulations Mr &mrs Banky

  • 43w ago debbyanosyk debbyanosyk

    So cute.God bless ur new home

  • 43w ago s.phiny s.phiny

    Over hapi dey worry me so for una matter i swear! U both deserve each other. 2day i decree an i declear d mouth dt bless u shall be bless an d mouth dt curse u shall be curse and comdamn

  • 43w ago mhiz_unstopable mhiz_unstopable

    @s.phiny Amen darling. And may all ur prayers be answered in Jesus name. God bless u

  • 43w ago realnaijagal realnaijagal

    Congrat Mr & Mrs Wellington may the Good Lord sustain and keep Ur home sweet HML

  • 43w ago favour1034 favour1034

    Plssssss, u guy Shld tel me the meaning of dbaad2017

  • 43w ago bennywhitewhite bennywhitewhite

    Congrats Mr nd Mrs Wellington 😘.........@adesuaetomi you are so so beautiful 😘may the good lord continue to bless ur new home πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.......i love the grown thou 😍😍

  • 43w ago hormoyusfull hormoyusfull

    Congrat dear...u bless with ur home

  • 43w ago rosey_andrey rosey_andrey


  • 43w ago blessing__08063284974 blessing__08063284974


  • 43w ago iam_jude iam_jude


  • 43w ago its_damifrosh its_damifrosh

    Latest couple god bless your weeding with kids

  • 43w ago briggs4813 briggs4813

    So so beautiful

  • 43w ago briggs4813 briggs4813

    Husband fine, wife fine, how the children go be, dem go finish work. God bless this union i love it

  • 43w ago briggs4813 briggs4813

    I tap this one oo

  • 43w ago ayubamadami ayubamadami

    I saw that coming,congratulations

  • 43w ago queen_temy queen_temy

    Congratulations to you guys.

  • 43w ago ju_ly_et ju_ly_et

    Wonderful couple

  • 43w ago amclaramore amclaramore

    Congrat ade allah ya bar ku tare

  • 43w ago hormitilewa hormitilewa

    God bless ur marriage with lot of kids,twins triplet.

  • 43w ago omololajohnson omololajohnson

    Congratulations to you both God bless your union

  • 43w ago gabrieljude325 gabrieljude325

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  • 38w ago caster850 caster850

    Beautiful and amazing couple


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