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#mysisterlivesinTexas where they save bacon 🥓 grease. Sometimes for each other. 🤷‍♀️As in, do you need some bacon grease? Yes!!! I'll stop by Tuesday and pick it up.
So now I save bacon grease too. #thanksTexas #thesouth #southerncooking #bestsister


  • 38w ago homemadebanana homemadebanana

    You can't let that go to waste!

  • 38w ago dichossuaves dichossuaves

    That's my history, too, on my mother's mother side. Vegan is my preference always, but that Texan heritage knows the value of bacon grease (biscuits and gravy, skin ailments, all kinds of things...)

  • 38w ago sirfarns sirfarns

    Yep, that stuff can kill ya, but what a wonderful way to go! 😀


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