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Retightening #Locs
TOOL: Crochet Latch Hook.



  • 51w ago africant.t africant.t

    I have very thick type 4 hair 4a in the front curls are looser on the front part of sides also but 4b to c in the rest crown back rest of sides etc.... I really want micros. Do you think it’s possible? And what pattern should be one type 3 or 4? Sorry I’m asking so many questions but I live in Alabama and there isn’t that many people here to talk to about this

  • 51w ago vanityhairstudionyc vanityhairstudionyc

    @africant.t it would be misleading if I assessed your hair without touching it. Most women misdiagnose their hair texture. I've been Licensed since 2001. I've only met a few women with 4c hair. It's better for you to visit a loctician for a consultation. She/ he doesn't have be a Sisterlocks Consultant just someone Certified/Licensed in hair.

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