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'I'm sorry, Eddie....' Three times; if you count the verbalization of these words uttered by Jamie through out the episode last night. More, if the look on his face could be translated to apologies.
Jamie can't change what happened to Eddie in the past, but he sure won't stand by and do nothing now that he knew the vicious things that were being done to her. But how do one go about helping someone if all they wanted was to take matters into their own hands?
It was a clever move by Jamie to bring in his sister as a buffer during their conversation at the bar. As upset and vulnerable as Eddie was, he probably knew that words that were delivered by Erin would have a milder effect on Eddie, but would send her into an outburst if the same exact words were being said by him. By requesting that the arrest collar be re-assigned to him instead of Eddie also showed us how quick-witted and protective Jamie was. Because not only would Eddie be unable to charge the person and risked her career because of the false charges, Jamie was literally using himself to safeguard Eddie's job and directly implicating himself in this wrongful arrest. A gesture that showed how far he is willing to go just to protect her.
Eddie started this brutal chapter alone...and she wanted to finish it on her own. But along came Jamie who barged in and used his subtle ways to help Eddie finally get a closure that she needed all these years. This wasn't your 'sacchariny-sweet', make peace, and hug-it-out in the locker room kind of episode that us Jamko fans were so hoping for... but it was somewhat redeemable because this was afterall, an Eddie Janko's journey...some journey which you will have to walk... and cross the finish line on your own... no matter how battered you are. #Jamko #Bluebloods #willestes #vanessaray #bb8x08


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