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Instagram post by @waymonhudson Waymon Hudson

Meet the newest extension of “my ears.” It’s called a connectline- it streams the audio from our TV directly into my hearing aids & filters out outside noise. It also lets @LawDeanAnt control the tv volume to a level that is comfortable to him, rather than have to blare it to accommodate me.

I’ll be honest, when I turned it on for the first time, I actually started to cry. I haven’t been able to focus on or make out tv & movies for years because I haven’t been able to clearly hear it. It’s a small thing, but people don’t realize how something as simple as being able to enjoy a movie can really change your quality of life.
Also, living in #SanFrancisco, people mostly live with their windows open (due to nice weather & lack of AC in most homes). This can be a HUGE problem from #HearingImpaired people like me, since outside city noise (traffic, construction, etc) can impede what hearing I have left and make it difficult for my #HearingAids to push the TV sounds forward over general city background noise.

To be clear, I’m lucky- we have the means to get technology like this (which is NOT cheap and is NOT covered by insurance). Many people cannot get something like this, which can improve quality of life for people with hearing impairments.

And that needs to change.

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