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@scalpelarms and their Arkos cammo pattern are sick! @vorn_usa lower, @xproducts upper and rail, @cmctriggers flat trigger, @adamsarms piston kit, @springer_precision racker and plate on the @glockinc 19, @apextactical flatty trigger, @s3fsolutions barrel, @inforce01 APLc light, @voodooinnovations slide #igmilitia #ar15 #firearm #rifle #pistol #handgun #glock #9mm #cerakote #scalpelarms #s3fsolutions #arkos #adamsarms #47images #allhailtheflatty #holosun


  • 48w ago a_r_c_h_haynie a_r_c_h_haynie

    Vorn almost broke out into the market. Could've been a big player. You showed some sick builds and everyone went to the website to buy receivers and Blank. Not in stock. Basically killed em

  • 48w ago vorn_usa vorn_usa

    @zilla51 actually we ran into some major manufacturing issues. We couldn’t get forgings when the market was hot, and then after the election last year a bunch of orders got canceled. We have also struggled with the machine shop we contracted with to put out quality product. We are still around and trying to release our upper receiver’s soon. Still in the fight

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    @gunoverload @besttactical

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    @beyond.the.unknown #colorfulgats


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