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✨ Friday flows✨ yoga and a good post-bowl of oatmeal is an ideal start to my weekend, especially this busy one coming up. We got a dinner, then @circlevfest where I will be at the @vegetaryn booth for the first part of the day, and friendsgiving on Sunday! My body is so ready for all the noms at Circle Vfest and I'm so excited to meet anyone going 💕💕
Flowing with + wearing @theelephantpants + 🎶 @lakeyinspired


  • 39w ago thisgirlaudra thisgirlaudra

    Love you doll 😘❤️💋

  • 39w ago vegetaryn vegetaryn

    You are amazing!!! I wish I was going to be with you all weekend long ♥️ I need some calamandinga in my life ✨

  • 39w ago charlottejosefiine charlottejosefiine

    Aaaaaaah I really want to meet you...... who knows, there are a lot days to come💓💓

  • 39w ago applesandamandas applesandamandas

    @vegetaryn I'll see you very soon❤️❤️

  • 39w ago claudiaprzystal claudiaprzystal

    Let me join youuuu ✨🦋

  • 39w ago living.lush living.lush

    That sounds amazing 🤤🙏🏼 you always post the perfect thing to make me feel at peace and motivated Amanda xx

  • 39w ago passionandfruit passionandfruit

    Love this🙌🏼hope u guys have lots of fun!💕

  • 39w ago passionandfruit passionandfruit

    oh and also im wondering what your top fav protein powders are! plz share idk which ones to buy!😍💕🌟

  • 39w ago chapterofjoy chapterofjoy

    Yees that is really the best way to start the weekend! I started the same way🤗💓 have a nicr one!

  • 39w ago chapterofjoy chapterofjoy


  • 39w ago thevegansurvivalguide thevegansurvivalguide

    So inspiring 🌸


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