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Instagram post by @thelastgreatstand The Last Great Stand

A true Christian.
VP Mike Pence
Link in bio!
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  • 9w ago chris_flentye chris_flentye

    @sandrarodriguez71 yes

  • 9w ago kt0424 kt0424

    Pence 2020

  • 9w ago illyrianlady illyrianlady

    Pence smart gracious gentleman

  • 9w ago pittym8kr pittym8kr


  • 9w ago malletmauricio malletmauricio

    A bit of exageration.

  • 9w ago scooterbf scooterbf


  • 9w ago cole.setzer cole.setzer


  • 8w ago shawntee100 shawntee100

    U think its possible to be in politics in this world and be a "true Christian"? U need to do a little more research buddy, ur lost... @thelastgreatstand

  • 8w ago abeamrani abeamrani

    Smart VP

  • 8w ago kss3smith kss3smith

    Consider the source and let them ridicule! Always CYA....

  • 8w ago italy_momma italy_momma

    They will still ridicule and throw stones at glass houses. They have zero ability to comprehend such wisdom.

  • 8w ago spoildbrat5328 spoildbrat5328

    I๏ธ love him

  • 8w ago victoria_jackson_official victoria_jackson_official

    Everyone except Mike Pence and Billy Graham forget the Bible verse "avoid the appearance of evil"!

  • 8w ago cammiekitzman cammiekitzman

    Smart christian man

  • 8w ago stock031 stock031

    Just natural standards

  • 8w ago bonniecser bonniecser

    Smart man!

  • 8w ago nedstarksbastard856 nedstarksbastard856

    a true smug pompous douchebag

  • 8w ago qm1dansmary qm1dansmary

    Smart Christian ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • 8w ago rich_bluthardt rich_bluthardt

    Our next president, President Penceโ€”has a nice ring to it.

  • 8w ago chancehodson chancehodson

    Things like that make a real man

  • 8w ago claytonbphotography claytonbphotography


  • 8w ago levitz68 levitz68

    @nedstarksbastard856 he's got a point

  • 8w ago levitz68 levitz68

    @sundaylastnameblack yeah well when you start walking on water let me know

  • 8w ago leisaluis leisaluis

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • 8w ago levitz68 levitz68

    @sundaylastnameblack lol

  • 8w ago lindalou_bloom lindalou_bloom

    Amen to that

  • 8w ago mattheule mattheule

    Real man. Real Christian. God bless VP

  • 8w ago everardorocks everardorocks

    Grab her by the pussy

  • 8w ago olly_pricefbcadc olly_pricefbcadc

    @stock031 in what way are they natural standards?

  • 8w ago stock031 stock031

    @olly_pricefbcadc being a retired Marine as well, being in any form of meeting with a subordinate female alone puts yourself in a potentially dangerous situation: itโ€™s a she said he said. If the female wants to respond negatively to the counseling by starting some sort of rumor, having been alone with her in the meeting makes it harder to defend yourself(being the male). So having his wife, or any other female in the room with the both of them takes that ability away. Therefore, the way we did things in the Marine Corps alleviates the potential for any false accusations. Standard operating procedure(SOP) for senior male Marines dealing with any female Marine, โ€œjust natural standardsโ€!

  • 8w ago olly_pricefbcadc olly_pricefbcadc

    @stock031 so not โ€˜naturalโ€™, just wary

  • 8w ago stock031 stock031

    @olly_pricefbcadc wary for you and how you see things. Natural for myself and Iโ€™m sure many others. Natural is just the way things are done.

  • 8w ago helen6308 helen6308

    Smart man!!!!

  • 8w ago quintessence_productions_llc quintessence_productions_llc

    @abbekulhanek can't wait for the old America tobreturn!!!

  • 8w ago olly_pricefbcadc olly_pricefbcadc

    @stock031 well technically โ€˜naturalโ€™ means โ€˜by human natureโ€™, and the same human nature is inherent in all humans per the dynamics of evolution. The way things are done is called โ€˜traditionalโ€™. Traditional is very different from natural

  • 7w ago barefoot0416 barefoot0416

    This is weird he sounds insecure all the time and this is just the cherry on top

  • 7w ago stock031 stock031

    @stock031 you're correct that "tradition" means the way some things are done is called traditional. With the phrase "common sense is not so common in humans", then you must understand that what I am talking about is not traditional, but natural. Natural for Marines. If you have never served within the Marine Corps, then I suspect you'll never understand my meaning. So for the sake of this post, we will just have to agree to disagree.

  • 5w ago ohionative ohionative

    Pence practicing that sharia law hahahaha

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