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Instagram post by @jenna_coleman_ Jenna Coleman


  • 9w ago mk_0103_love mk_0103_love


  • 9w ago vicbert1840 vicbert1840

    Lucia?? Awesome!

  • 9w ago avaparisagreste17 avaparisagreste17

    Magnificent majestic

  • 9w ago the.doctor.011 the.doctor.011


  • 9w ago clara.oswald_011 clara.oswald_011

    Love you ❤️

  • 9w ago thedoctor021 thedoctor021

    I love you Jenna Coleman 😍😍😍💕💜💜😍💕💖💞😍

  • 9w ago oliviawimberly oliviawimberly

    Katie Mitchell can do no wrong...

  • 9w ago taylorsingsthings taylorsingsthings

    Ahhhh! I knew there was a reason you're my favorite. Thank you for supporting the opera! You have made me one happy opera singer, today 💕💕💕💕

  • 9w ago charlotte_lloyd_ charlotte_lloyd_

    @izzy.hilll the second photo 😱😱

  • 9w ago amir_e_alipour amir_e_alipour

    عشـــــــــقههههه مننننن آخر پیدات کردم❤❤❤💘💘💞💖💕💓💔💗💋💋💋💋💋

  • 9w ago meneghettinicola meneghettinicola

    Love you

  • 9w ago chrisgrande chrisgrande

    That’s staging is gorgeous.

  • 9w ago char.has.feels char.has.feels


  • 9w ago georgiakrd15 georgiakrd15


  • 9w ago jessicamaria29_ jessicamaria29_

    Katie Michell is the same director who directed ‘The Cherry Orchard’ in Young Vic theatre a couple of years ago. Loved it - a very emotional play by Chekhov who was an amazing playwright

  • 9w ago catartartar catartartar

    @bwonggggggg @jackiedwong I think I accidentally liked everyone's Weeping Angel reference 🙈 😳😳😳

  • 9w ago ava__jade__ ava__jade__

    When are you going to be on stage, not in an opera but you know in a play?

  • 9w ago unik_flor unik_flor


  • 9w ago gemn_gavin_ gemn_gavin_

    So Lucia di Lammermoor is set in SE Scotland, Lucia's character is "a strong and independent woman who fights against her brother's attempts to control her", and the opera premiered just before the start of Queen Victoria's reign. Now @jenna_coleman_ , I wonder what piqued your interest in seeing this. 🤔😁 Clearly playing Victoria has got you fired up about the history of the early part of her reign and her feisty character. 😉 👌 😄

  • 9w ago ridoutr ridoutr


  • 9w ago barrydgriffiths barrydgriffiths

    I would love to play flute there one day.

  • 9w ago _tanja.parker_ _tanja.parker_


  • 9w ago henshinera henshinera

    Weeping angel :v

  • 9w ago amygeorge6897x amygeorge6897x


  • 9w ago egaphael egaphael

    I love you so much

  • 9w ago egaphael egaphael

    You don't even know

  • 9w ago verigee_ verigee_

    But was it Mozart? 😏 🎩

  • 9w ago jenna_coleman._ jenna_coleman._


  • 9w ago fangirlbeyondlimits fangirlbeyondlimits

    True queen Vic ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍👑👑👑👑

  • 9w ago whcuffle whcuffle


  • 8w ago laurajustynaabby laurajustynaabby

    My favourite opera 💖💖 I first saw it when I was 4 with Natalie Dessay. Glad you liked it 🎶

  • 8w ago asyasin.creed_ asyasin.creed_

    You are back baby

  • 8w ago brittle_family brittle_family

    A message to you Jenna Coleman. The unthinkable has happened, something I wasn't expecting so soon. My old man passed away 3 weeks ago. If there was ever a time to contact me it would be now. I have written fan mail to you for 4 years and my last letter I told you my dad had cancer and was terminally ill. All I have ever wanted is someone that would be a loyal friend, someone will be there not someone that's there and slowly drifts away like so many have. Please Jenna write to me 💜

  • 8w ago sparkygalcsi68 sparkygalcsi68

    I heard it was wonderful opera i hoped you had good time. 😍

  • 8w ago christinefjd christinefjd

    it looks amazing😍

  • 8w ago nurelyanamz nurelyanamz


  • 8w ago beyzanssx beyzanssx

    Ödeee bebbeyimmm

  • 8w ago my_name_is_hajar my_name_is_hajar


  • 8w ago jennasaliens jennasaliens

    Love YOU ❤

  • 6w ago imblzke imblzke

    @egaphael i’ve spotted you

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